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This video was shared 70,000 times. Be AMAZED!

on June 26, 2014

This Trick For Cutting Grapes In Half Will Blow Any Parents’ Mind

File under mandatory time savers. Plus it also works for tomatoes!

After mom Laura Mullins Goodhue posted this video to Facebook on how to cut tons of grapes in half in seconds, it was so helpful it got shared over 70,000 times. Be amazed, parents (and people making salads).

thank me for sharing this!!!

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2 Responses to “This video was shared 70,000 times. Be AMAZED!”

  1. Alana Woods says:

    How on earth haven’t we thought of this before! So simple, so quick, so FABulous. I’ll be trying the method out on anything I think it will work with from now on.

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