Top Tip To Help Baby Settle Back Into The Cot After A Feed…

Help baby settleGetting baby to settle again in their cot after a feed can often be tricky.

The palava you go through!  The process of waiting till you think they are asleep enough not to wake after finishing the feed.  Making sure you have the dummy to hand (if you use one).  Carefully positioning your hands to lift them.  Lifting them.  Putting them into the cot.  Keeping your face close to theirs and not removing your comforting hands until you are sure they are settled.  All the time thinking, please don’t wake, please don’t wake.  Especially at night when you are desperate beyond words to get back to sleep…

One thing I have found that really can help baby settle is to have a hot water bottle in the cot to warm the spot baby will be placed.  Of course you don’t keep the water bottle in the  cot once baby is in there as baby would overheat.  But this goes a long way to helping your little one snuggle down and not be shocked awake by being placed on cold sheets.

Lovely husband fills the hot water bottle from the bathroom tap and places it in the cot to warm the sheets as I feed.  Bless him.


Don’t forget to enjoy your day.

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