Time According To My 7 Year Old….

The time continuum.  I have been wrestling with just this concept this morning.Praise your child constructively

And I am afraid that I have not been winning….

You see, when I ask my 7YearOld to set the timer on for 30 minutes he immediately sets it to 31 minutes.

“But Mummy, when you put it on for 30 minutes, it immediately goes to 29!”  “It’s not fair!  I’m missing out on my time!”

Well, I’ve used diagrams, dried peas and a Thomas the Tank Engine clock to try and demonstrate the concept of seconds and minutes.

No.  Nothing works. 7YearOld is still convinced that Mummy is trying to cheat him  out on some of his time.

Anybody have any ideas?

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6 thoughts on “Time According To My 7 Year Old….

  1. Simone, I’ve had a lightbulb moment. Have you tried giving him a watch with a second hand on it and told him to follow the second hand as it goes around from 1 to 60 — and watch that it takes that long for the timer to change from 30 to 29.

    I remember that long division was a complete mystery to me in primary school and then one day, in a millisecond flash, all of a sudden I got it!! Maybe Mr7 will be the same.

  2. I suggest you give in on this. It’s only a minute and he’ll work it out himself eventually. He’s not being dogged about this — it actually shows he’s given it thought. So just say “Okay” and commend him on the fact that he’s pondered the time concept and come to a conclusion.

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