20 Free Activities To Entertain The Kids


Here’s some activities to keep the kids entertained for the upcoming holidays.

  1. Fly a kite.
  2. Make a telephone from paper cups and string.
  3. Pasta and string and make some bling!
  4. Make paper boats and watch them float.
  5. Entertain with sock puppets from behind the sofa.
  6. Make musical instruments from tins, jars with dry rice and plastic bottles.
  7. Write letters and post them. (Ok not free exactly).
  8. Make a clock from a paper plate.
  9. Make paper hats from newspaper.
  10. See which items sink or float in a bowl of water.
  11. Bake something.
  12. Design and paint your own wrapping paper.
  13. Make paint butterflies.
  14. Make sheep out of toilet rolls and cotton wool.
  15. Make your christmas decorations.
  16. Make an autumnal picture from autumn leaves.
  17. Make a tent in the back garden.
  18. Make binoculars from toilet rolls.
  19. Make a cup and ball game with a paper cup and a conker on a string.
  20. Make up stories – write them down in your own story book and act them out.

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