Positive Discipline

Sometimes I still catch myself ¬†asking my children in a voice of varying degrees of exasperation..”How many times do I have to tell you?”

To not hit your brother, to not wet your pants, to not ride off out of site, to not talk with your mouth full, to not walk in the house with muddy boots.

Don’t hit.
Don’t slouch.
Don’t yell.
Don’t whine…

The list is endless.

Jane Nelsen in her book Positive Discipline describes a kind but firm method of parenting that stresses the positive rather than the negative action.

For example; muddy boots stay outside, stay where you can see me, use the potty when you need a wee, finish your food before you speak, speak to me in your nice voice please.

I found the book very interesting and it is this key technique of positive reinforcement that is my main take away. It’s an effective technique.

But it does take some practice.

What do you think?

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