Minecraft. A Parental Minefield??? Let My Nephew Give You The Lowdown…

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Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 20.22.47Hi, I’m Mamasim’s nephew and I love Minecraft.  You might find it a bit confusing so here is what it is all about.

So Minecraft is a 3D, cube based, open world survival/sandbox originally made in Sweden by Markess Persson, or Notch as he is most commanly know to us Minecrafters.

In Minecraft your first priority is to survive, in order to do this you must build a shelter and arm yourself before night because there are dangerous creatures in the night. There’s a skeleton; armed with a bow a snipes you, a zombie; armed with hands or a sword they are easy by themselves but in a hoard watch out; a creeper; these mobs don’t make any noise until they are right behind you and the they hiss and blow up, an enderman; these mobs are three blocks high and can teleport and steal your blocks; a spider; gaint spiders that can climb walls and lunge at you.

This are a few of the many mobs in Minecraft. If you do get bored of vanilla Minecraft there are ways to make it more interesting.

1) you can use a resource pack or shaders these change how the game looks 2) you can mod or modify it these install many new features onto your game. 

Here’s some question Aunty Mamasim asked me…..

What is your very favourite thing about mine craft?  
My favourite part about Minecraft is that you are not limited in anything and all the mods, textures and shaders you can add/edit.
Can you play it against other real people?
You can play against other people, Minecraft is both single-player and muti-player.
How big can you build your shelter?
You can build your shelter as big as you want!
Can you build more shelters like a whole town or city?
You can build a whole world of buildings!
Can you be the king of Mineland?  Is it called mineland?
You can be the king of ‘Minecraftia’ if you wanted or a peasant or a god or anything really.
How long does it take to get good at it?
The only thing that can stop you in Minecraft is no imagination!

Hope you enjoyed!

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