A Perfect Moment At The End Of A Less Than Perfect Day

Yesterday was one of those days.  I had chastised my 6 and 2 year olds for what seemed the whole day.  No amount of cajoling, threatening, attempted distraction or straight out threats had worked.  Their arguing, sniping, whining and fighting had continued unabated.

I have to say I was totally exhausted and disheartened (to say the least) by the end of the day.  So I was so pleased when 6 year old appeared by my side to say that he was sorry for being so naughty.  All my bad humour melted away and I wrapped him in a big hug, cuddling him close.

After a minute of two he raised his head and looked up at my face with a concerned look and said with all seriousness:  “Mummy, under your arms is a little bit stinky.”

And that was the end of my perfect moment.

But I did laugh and even said yes when he volunteered to get the deodorant for me!

What’s your most perfect moment?


Don’t forget to enjoy your day.

A Year Of Parenting – According to Grant Snider

This tender and funny post by Grant Snider will resonate with many a parent.
See his wonderful blog ‘Incidental Comics’ here.

Grant Snider - A Year Of Parenting Grant Snider - A Year Of Parenting Grant Snider - A Year Of Parenting


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Don’t forget to enjoy your day.

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Conversations With My 7 Year Old…

7 year old: “Mum when I go back to school after the holidays I want you to let me wake up in the morning and get up myself. I don’t want you to tell me I have to get up.”

Me: “OK love. But you will have to go to school however you are when it’s time to go.”

7 year old: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Well if you don’t get up in time to get dressed then you will have to go how you get up. In your pj’s”.

7 year old: “You can get me up Mum.”

Mamasimx About Me

Don’t forget to enjoy your day.

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Sunday Humour

My 2 year old said his first 3 word sentence this week.  It was:

“Mummy stinky poo!”

He could have been commenting literally…… but I like to think he was being humourous.


Don’t forget to enjoy your day.


Sleep Deprivation? I Laugh In Your Face!

sleep deprived mom



After returning home with my first baby I literally did not get out of my PJ’s for 4 weeks, until forced to get dressed for the birth registration appointment.

With my second son I fared little better, staying at home in my pyjamas for about the same amount of time.  I felt the lack of sleep was going to kill me.  I didn’t know when I had it so good.  With number 1 son at least I could sleep when he did.

When I brought babygirl home I was up, fully dressed with a full face of makeup for the health visitor appointment the very next day.

Go girl.

Tired? Me? Ha, I had 2 consecutive hours of sleep last night, I feel great!  Just off for my run.


Don’t forget to enjoy your day.

Sunday Humour – Kids Behaviour

MotherhoodMe (exasperated):  “Why can’t you have good behaviour?  You know you would get what you want if you had good behaviour”!

6 year old:  “No I wouldn’t!  I had good behaviour last night and you wouldn’t let me have McDonalds for dinner.  And I had good behaviour this morning and you wouldn’t let me have my Thomas sweets for lunch!”

Mmmmm all of this is true.  I am going to have to rethink my persuasive arguments.

Of course it bleedin’ obvious why kids misbehave.  Because 8 times out of ten they can’t have what they want, even if they do behave!

So what is the answer for good behaviour?  Tell me your thoughts.


Don’t forget to enjoy your day.

Why I Love My Husband

Because standing in the kitchen wearing my old tracksuit bottoms after 5 days of christmas eating brings this comment from him.

“Have you lost weight?  Those tracksuit pants look baggier.”

God damn, I know why I married this man.



Don’t forget to enjoy your day