A Fab Feeding Pillow – Easier Than You Think

The finished product!

The finished product!

It was simpler than you think to make a fantastic feeding pillow.

I had a store bought pillow for my first two babies, and while it was adequate, it was too flat and kept riding away from me as I fed.  This allowed baby to slip down between the pillow and me.  Far from ideal.

What I wanted was a pillow that could be fastened to me and a pillow that was high enough so I did not have to prop it with cushions and other pillows.

So began my online search.  And I came across a fantastic feeding pillow here.  ‘Thrupenny Bits’ cockney rhyme for t**ts!) sell beautiful, trendy but practical feeding pillows that are also very portable and reasonably priced. (prices start at £33) I was instantly taken with them.  However, and apologies to  ‘Thrupenny Bits’, I had some left over Harlequin ‘Alina” furnishing fabric that would make a beautiful pillow and as I can sew a little I decided to try to make a feeding pillow myself.  But if your not the sewing sort head over to ‘Thrupenny bits’ to purchase one.

I drew a template, half moon in shape with elongated ends that would become the ties, 65 cms across and 32 cms down.

I cut out 4 pieces on the material that was just over a meter long and 138cm wide.  Two tops in the 100% soft cotton Harlequin furnishing fabric and two bottoms in a complimentary soft corduroy furnishing fabric.  I decided on these fabrics as they are hardwearing and practical (I wash and tumble dry them both on low settings with no problems even though they state dry clean only).  This made 2 covers; one for the pillow and one for the wash.  I would have preferred another say 50cm length as I had to use the selvedge with the fabric branding on it.  But now I think that looks kind of cool anyway…..

I also cut 2 identical pieces from some tough wearing plain calico I had lying around.  This was for the inner pillow.

I then sewed the pieces together for the pillow and the two covers, fitting a long zip to the inner curve of each.

I filled the pillow with bean bag beads.  This was a messy job as the balls are so light!  But once done I was very pleased.  I was also glad I had put in a long zip into the covers as it made inserting the filled inner pillow easy and simple.

The bag was a little full when I tried it so I simply sat a few times on the pillow to flatten it a little!

*After using for about 3 months the pillows need topping up as the beads do compress.  I found this to be a nightmare  – messy and difficult because of the extremely light and flyaway nature of the beads.  (My Mum who helped can attest to this!)  So I recommend, as thrupenny bits does, filling with hollow fibre instead.

So I am really pleased with the finished product.  And as it ties to me I can stand and move with her still feeding.  Although I stress, and double stress, I never move around without holding on to baby and the pillow.  Otherwise baby would slide right off!  But so practical.

And if you don’t feel like making one yourself – hop along to ‘Thrupenny bits’ to purchase one.  They would also make a great gift.

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Review: HippyChick Hipster Seat


Hippychick Hipseat


Product Name: HippyChick Hipster Seat
Price:  £25 – £39.95
Available from: Hippychick, Amazon and other baby goods suppliers
Main Claim: has been developed to allow adults to carry their children naturally on their hip without the usual strains on the back (as per Hippychick)
Age Range: 6 months and up (as per Hippychick)
Size: Suitable for a waist size of up to 48 inches or 120cm, extension available. (as per Hippychick)
Available in 7 different colours.

Overall Score: 10/10
Recommended? Yes.

My Length of testing: 6 years +


Overview of Product

Length:  Approx. 115cm
Width:  Approx.  13cm
Height of Seat Back: Approx 17cm
Height of Seat Front:  Approx 12cm
Width of Seat (at widest point): Approx. 20cm
Length of Seat (at longest point): Approx. 13cm.
Length of Strap:  Approx. 63cm.  (Extension strap is sold separately)

Carrying a toddler on your hip for extended periods is a strain on the body, uncomfortable for you and for the toddler.  Hippychick claim that this product has been designed to alleviate this problem; to allow you to hold a toddler on your hip for an extended period without strain on your back and in comfort for your toddler.

This product was recommended to me when I had my first baby 7 years ago.  I used it well into both my two boys second year and will use it again for babygirl.  Hippychick recommends that it is used for babies 6 months and up (they are then old enough to sit astride and hold up their heads,  but with my second baby I have used it as a support for my arm when holding my newborn. Now that he is over 6 months I have it on permanently at home and also when I am out and about and he wants to be carried.

Hippychick claim that the seat enables you to carry a baby/toddler without putting strain on your back and I agree with this 100%, however, I will say that I do suffer from ‘arm fatigue’ from holding him against me if I carry him for an extended period. It is important to note that the seat does allow you to carry them for extended periods, because you are not holding them ‘up and on’ your hip tightly, rather you are cradling them to stop them tipping backwards (or forwards if they are facing out) from the seat/shelf.

Another plus is that baby is sitting higher than if they were on your hip and is more easily able to see your face, and you theirs, and whats going on around them.

My views on Hippychick claims for the Hipster Seat

Suitable for a waist size of up to 48 inches or 120cm, extension available.’  I would agree with this, I have not used the extension however.

Strong, hardwearing fabric.’   Made of  canvas , I have found the product to be extremely hard wearing.  I have also not noticed any fading of the fabric.  See my photos below for condition of mine,  which I have had for 4 years+.

‘Super light.’  It weighs 356 grams, so yes, it is very light.

Simple, practical and easy to use.’  I agree with this.

Inward facing pockets for safe keeping passports, cash, credit cards, car keys etc.’  It does have an inward facing pocket, but when the foam seat is in place you can’t get much in there.

‘Machine washable.’  I have washed it following the instructions with no problems.  I have only washed it once in the 2+ years I have used it.  I have found no need to wash it more often.

‘When the child is older you can remove the seat and use it as a bum bag/money belt or simply as a straightforward back support.’  As a bum/bag money belt it would be very durable and easily hold the items Hippychick claims above.  However its pretty big and noticeable.  Good back support as it is wide and strong.

To sum up, this is a product I have owned for over four years and has now had a good two and a half years use with my babies.  I recommend it, and would go as far as saying that it is a must have product.  The product is so well wearing and durable that I would have no hesitation in putting it on eBay when my babies are too big for it.  Check out the Hippychick web site for the full range of colours.

MamaSim @ How To Parent Today.

Hippychick seat in action

Hippychick seat in action

Care Label.  Wash @30degrees, Do not Iron or Tumble Dry

Care Label. Wash @30degrees, Do not Iron or Tumble Dry

Close up of material

Close up of material

Seat Pocket for Foam Insert

Seat Pocket for Foam Insert

Left Hand Strap

Left Hand Strap

Right Hand Strap

Right Hand Strap

Without Foam Insert

Without Foam Insert

Foam Seat Insert

Foam Seat Insert

Foam Seat Insert View 2

Foam Seat Insert View 2

Foam Seat Insert View 3

Foam Seat Insert View 3

*Any information in this review that is directly quoted from the company I will note (as per…..)


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Top 10 Baby Gifts For This Christmas

Stuck for some beautiful baby gifts?  Here are some great ideas………….



1.  Pink organic knitted bunny hat £10 – so cute!  From Angel Cashmere – also available in blue.





Baby Sleeping bag from Bambino Merino


2.  Baby Sleeping Bag from Bambino Merino £59.95 – also available in pink and other colours.





Wallaboo Animal Comforters3.  Animal Comforters from €14.99 – love them!




Nattou Lion Neck Pillow



4.  Lion Neck Pillow £9.95 – from Nattou.




Spook Travel Rattles



5.  Travel Rattles £34.50 – from Spook.  How cool!





Personalised Santa Sack6.  Personalised Santa Sack £20 – from The Organic Baby Company.  A lovely baby gift.






Locally Produced Bib



7.  Locally Produced Bib £6 – from Little Green Radicals.




Reindeer Playsuit



8.  Reindeer Playsuit £32 – from Picalilly.  Serious festive fun…




Skip Hop Treetop Friends Owl and Friends Trio Ball



9. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Owl and Friends Trio Ball £15.95 – from Bebeeco.




Birdie Gift Set



10.  Birdie Gift Set £35 – from Frugi.  A lovely gift.





Hope this list gave you some wonderful baby gift ideas.


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Review of Bebe au Lait Breastfeeding Covers


Bebe au Lait breastfeeding cover

Bebe au Lait breastfeeding cover

Having made the decision to breastfeed my baby I wanted a nursing or breastfeeding cover to use when out and about in public.  I ‘googled’, found several results for nursing covers and decided to go with the Bebe au Lait Nursing Covers.  They had some good features I thought and I loved the available colours and designs.  I purchased the ‘Yoko’ design pictured opposite.

This was seven years and three babies ago and the breastfeeding cover has stood the test of time.  In fact it is still going strong after all these years and all these washes.  The RigiFlex(TM) neckline is still rigid and the metal rings on the ‘tie’ have not tarnished at all.  A good investment.

Another one of my top 20 things I have found most useful after having my three babies, my opinion only, for what it’s worth! But I think it is confusing and stressful enough when expecting your first baby.  Its nice to know of things that other Mums have found useful and would recommend.  It would also make a great gift for a baby shower, new mom to be or gift for baby.

I just love these stylish breastfeeding covers.  And as I stated above I have been using mine for over 7 years now.  They are useful not just for covering baby and you while feeding, but as a sunshade; sunshade over the pram and as a light blanket.  Fantastic must have.

The Bebe au Lait website offers the following as features of the cover:

  • Patented RigiFlex™ Neckline allows for optimal viewing of baby and ventilation
  • Neckline Safety Technology promotes product longevity by preventing fabric wear and tear.
  • 100% breathable Cotton – single layered for cool comfort, soft as can be as it delicately shelters baby while nursing. Tuck top corner under arm for full coverage
  • Internal Terrycloth Pocket: Perfect for quick cleanups and stashing pads and pacifiers.
  • Adjustable d-ring neck strap with branded hardware for authenticity. Adjust it once and done.
  • Generously sized 26” X 36” to allow baby to remain focused, not distracted during nursing
  • Compact covers roll up to take wherever you go.
  • Multi-use: use as a changing mat, sunshade, and light blanket.
  • 2011 Creative Child Magazine Top Choice Winner
  • Machine washable
  • Imported
  • Please note some fabric dye lots and pattern sizing may vary.

The RigiFlex™ is a band that keeps the material standing away from you at the neckline, creating a space so you can look down and watch your baby while feeding.  It’s the most handy feature of all.

There is also a triangle of towelling sewn on the inner side of one corner that you can use to wipe up any extra milk etc.  Very handy.

The covers cost £27.50 or $35 and are available from:

US:  From the Bebe au Lait website.

UK:  From Mothercare (and other retailers such as John Lewis).


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Top 10 Baby Gifts for New Parents

Here is my list of the top 10 must haves to get together and have ready for when your new baby comes along.  All of the items on the list are items I have found indispensable, in other words, I would not be without.  They would also be top baby gifts for new parents so add them to your baby shower gift list!

*Some of the product links are UK specific, please search for similar products for your location.

  1. Dunstan Baby Language DVD.  Click for my review.
  2. Dedicated Feeding pillow.
  3. Hippychick Hipster Seat.  Click for my review.
  4. All natural Sleep Sacks.
  5. Good quality low chemical Nappies and Wipes.
  6. Calpol.
  7. Saline Solution and Nasal Aspirator.
  8. Windowsox.
  9. Net Feeding Bags.
  10. Olive Oil and Coconut Oil Moisturiser.  See my recipe for a simple and inexpensive version here.


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