How To Stop Baby Crying And Fussing When Dressing Them

It was always tears in our household whenever we changed or dressed our babies. My second and third especially did not like being dressed one little bit. They would fuss and cry and get quite upset, which is as distressing for you as it is for them.

Recently, when Babygirl was a few months old I mentioned to my husband that she seemed to dislike the clothing going over her head and then having the garment moving about her neck as I put her arms into the sleeves.

He suggested that I put her arms into the garment first, and then finish putting the top on by putting it over her head as normal.

Do you know what? This worked. She did not cry at all. In fact she has never cried when I have done it this way.

But often I found myself getting into a muddle with the clothing when using this method and it would take me extra time to get her dressed. So whenever possible I now put her clothes on feet first. I.e. over her feet and up her body. This works really well most of the time except when the garment has a neck opening without any buttons or not much give, then it can be akward to get her arms in. Cue crying. So in that case I simply use the arms in first method. Just making sure I take my time and don’t get into that muddle!

Have a go and let me know if it works for you.

Babygirl and Mamasim

Babygirl and Mamasim

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