10 Things Mothers Need To Teach Their Daughters

Babygirl and Mamasim

Babygirl and Mamasim

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Childhood goes by so quickly

When my first daughter was born I remember the long, sleepless nights and practically everyone telling me to enjoy it because she will be grown before I know it. Now that she is 14, I totally get it. It really does go by way too quickly. Now that I have three daughters I understand how limited our time together is and before long they will be off conquering the world! Here are 10 things mothers need to teach their daughters. Although I say mothers, I really mean parents. These lessons empower our daughters to be bold, strong and the best that they can be!

1. Value yourself  – you are priceless. Know that you are important. No one else can replace you. When you value yourself, you will recognize when someone does not value you or show you respect. If someone doesn’t know your value, don’t give them your time.

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