Jumping Thoughtlessly On The ‘ism’ Bandwagon…

I know we live in a world where youth and beauty are touted as the  requirements for any female on telly.

bruce and tessAnd this produces many inches of print on the unfairness of it all.

The co-hosts of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, one of the biggest shows on British TV, are always held up as the perfect example of this sexism. Tess Daley is 44 (blonde and gorgeous) and Sir Brucey is 85 and, well, grey and wrinkly.

But before all us girls nod vigorously at the absolute unfairness of it all, think about one of the other very popular British TV shows – The Great British Bake-Off.  Mary Berry is 78 (blonde and gorgeous) and Paul Hollywood is 47 and grey and wrinkly – no, no grey and gorgeous!

And ponder a bit.  The ages we are talking about here for hosts of huge prime time shows 85, 78, 47, 44.  Cool.

It is so lovely to live in a country where the press and popular culture (reflecting British society in general) don’t feel it necessary to use skin colour to define a person.  I look forward to the day when age is equally irrelevant.  I think we are getting there….. slowly……..but surely.




Don’t forget to enjoy your day.