Child Safety – One Small Action Could Help Your Child In An Emergency

child safetyToday I placed a sticker on the car seat of my 8 month old daughter that could help save her life.

The identification sticker detailed not only her name and date of birth, but also contact details for my husband and  I.

The motivation for this was reading about the CHAD (Child Has An Identity) program that orginates in the States.  The program was begun after emergency services at the scene of a car accident could not identify the toddler in the car seat.  The driver, the babysitter, had been killed.  It was only because a hospital emergency room employee recognised the baby, that the parents could be notified.

It is a fear of every parent.  How would your children be cared for if, god forbid, you were not able to?

I think this is a terrific idea, especially for those children that my have medical conditions that should be communicated in time of emergency.


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Secondary Drowning: What Every Parent Needs to Know

It’s so important to be aware.

Secondary DrowningThe weekend of May 17, writer Lindsay Kujawa and her toddler son Ronin were at a family pool party. Kujawa sat at the edge of the pool while Ronin played on the top step of the spa, and for five seconds she shifted her position to say something to a relative. Suddenly, she noticed Ronin wasn’t on the step and was instead being whirled around by the jets in the whirlpool, frantically trying to get his head above water. She pulled him out immediately and other than him coughing and being very upset, he seemed totally fine after a few minutes and they went on with the rest of the party.

When they got home later on that day, Kujawa noticed that Ronin was acting a little odd—he seemed extremely tired and had a weird cough. To be on the safe side, she put a call into his pediatrician, and was surprised to get an immediate call back. The usually calm pediatrician was emphatic that they go to the ER immediately, because she thought Ronin may have been experiencing secondary drowning.

At this point, Ronin was almost unresponsive.

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