3 Great Ideas For Baby #2

Here are some more top tips, some great ideas for baby!

1.  Gogol Kidz Travelmate available from Go-Go Babyz.

Great ideas for baby

What a super idea, especially for plane travel and around the airport or the shopping mall. Love it!

2.  Wubbanub Infant Pacifiers from Wubbanub.

Great ideas for baby

Another super idea.

3. Boba Long from Bobalong Baby.

Great ideas for baby

Not seen this before. Really cool.

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3 Great Ideas For Babies

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Top 10 Baby Gifts for New Parents

Here is my list of the top 10 must haves to get together and have ready for when your new baby comes along.  All of the items on the list are items I have found indispensable, in other words, I would not be without.  They would also be top baby gifts for new parents so add them to your baby shower gift list!

*Some of the product links are UK specific, please search for similar products for your location.

  1. Dunstan Baby Language DVD.  Click for my review.
  2. Dedicated Feeding pillow.
  3. Hippychick Hipster Seat.  Click for my review.
  4. All natural Sleep Sacks.
  5. Good quality low chemical Nappies and Wipes.
  6. Calpol.
  7. Saline Solution and Nasal Aspirator.
  8. Windowsox.
  9. Net Feeding Bags.
  10. Olive Oil and Coconut Oil Moisturiser.  See my recipe for a simple and inexpensive version here.


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