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Net baby food bags.  Are they worth purchasing? Yes, in a nutshell. Why? Because I like to know that my weaning baby is not going to choke on a piece of food while they are learning to eat solids.

Net Feeding Bags for BabiesI have used the net bags for all my 3 children.  Babygirl at 11 months is still chomping away on them for certain foods; things that are hard or large or if we are on the go. I find them really convenient if she is in the pram and I want to give her a biscuit, some fruit or a stick of vegetables. I know she will be ok and she loves getting stuck into them. Gnawing and sucking away!

If you loop a dummy clip strap through the handle and clip it to their top there is also no fear that they will drop and loose what they are eating. Great for the high chair too.

I started all my kids with them as soon as they were weaning. That way they could explore all different kinds of foods, cooked and raw, without the fear of choking.

To clean I put mine in the dishwasher or the net bag in the washing machine.  They last for ages.  A really good buy.  I can heartily recommend!

These are the ones that I have used over the last 7 years.  But there are different sorts available from different companies.

  1. Baby Safe Feeder.
  2. Ones from Tesco which I can’t find online now but it is the one in my picture above.

Do you use net feeding bags?  Have you used them in the past?  Are you planning on using them?  Let me know why and how you find them.

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