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A few weeks ago Rob from Mumkind sent over some products from their range for me to try.

MumkindMumkind describe themselves as s a “new pregnancy nutrition brand designed specifically for mums-to-be and busy new super mums.”  Mumkinds’ website describes their mission as:

“Created by experts in the field of pregnancy nutrition and with support from midwives, Mumkind offers a new and simple way to make sure you are including a range of nutrients in your daily diet.  We all know its important to try and eat a healthy, balanced diet, but including Mumkind products will help you to ‘top up’ what you are already eating, because getting everything you and your baby need is not always easy.  All the products are carefully formulated to help provide nutrients where there is a tendency to fall short.”  Read the Mumkind story here.

They have a number of testimonials from happy customers and supporting comments from Dr Emma Derbyshire, a nutritionalist, and Dot Parry, an experienced midwife.

The Mumkind range includes:

prod1 Ginger Me Baby LozengesGinger Me Baby Lozenges –  Ginger & Chamomile lozenges, designed to help with the nausea and soothe and calm.  The lozenges are wrapped in clear wrappers and you are able to reuse the tub as it is microwavable and freezer proof safe.

  • Available in Sainsuburys.  Ginger & Chamomile lozenges 48g tub –  £3.49


prod3 Water Our Way   Water Enhancer Water Our Way – Water Enhancer – Similar to a squash or cordial, but apparently with no calories or carbs (the products use sweetener instead of sugar) the cordial contains Mumkinds’ blend of B vitamins to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Water Our Way helps you drink more water, keeps you hydrated and our blend of B vitamins helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Available soon on Amazon.  Mixed berry flavour water Enhancer 30ml (10 drinks) £2.99 


prod2 Bump to Baby Nutrition Bars‘Bump to Baby Enhanced Bars’ –  bar with 25% recommended daily allowance of all the nutrients that are essential during pregnancy (and only half the calories of a chocolate bar).

  • Available online – flavours – red berry & yogurt and Chocolate – £1.99.  (Currently out of stock apparently)


prod4 Night Night Baby Bedtime drink‘Night Night Baby Bedtime Drink’.  a hot drink with Mumkinds’ blend of key nutrients, each mug has 25% of all the recommended daily allowance of the essential vitamins, minerals needed during pregnancy. In Vanilla & Red Berry or Vanilla & Belgian Chocolate.Luxurious vanilla hot drink

  • Available online – flavours – hint of red berries and hint of Belgian chocolate – £6.99.  350g (14 drinks) (Currently out of stock also)

What did I think of the Mumkind products?


Mumkind very generously provided me with the Ginger Me Baby Lozenges and the Water Our Way drink enhancer.

I really liked both of the products.  The lozenges had a mild and very pleasant taste.  The ginger was not overwhelming and for someone who is not keen on chamomile, I could not detect chamomile at all to be honest.  I’m not suffering from morning sickness at the moment so can’t comment on the effectiveness in that regard.  But as a sufferer during all my three pregnancies I think the lozenges would have been very nice to suck on when the nausea was at its worse.

If your not a fan of the artificial sweetener flavour then you may want to give the drink enhancer a miss.  But if this does not bother you then the little bottles are handy to pop in your bag and contain enough of the potent cordial to flavour up a number of bottles or glasses of water.  I thought these were a great idea and handy for after pregnancy as well.

All in all I was impressed and would recommend.  The only minus I can see is the price; they are not exactly cheap.  But if you are planning on taking supplements anyway during or after pregnancy then as an alternative I think the prices are on a par.

The other point I would make is i think they are products to be enjoyed in moderation, not to be consumed constantly throughout the day….

If you go over to the Mumkind website now you can also win tickets to the 2014 Olympia Baby Show in London!

And a note to Rob at Mumkind – it would be nice to have the ingredients list for each product on your website. [Update – Rob has let me know that he is working on this as I type!]


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