What is your parenting style?

Do you know your parenting style?

Want to be a better parent? Knowing what your current parenting style is will help you identify your needed areas for improvement. Promoting the self-discipline and self-esteem of the children in your family often requires an emotional juggling act by you as a parent. It is not easy to be firm and demanding with achild one minute, then warm and affectionate the next. This is an ongoing education process both for the parent and for the child. In addition, many adults naturally have personalities or temperaments that predispose them toward one parenting style or another.

Authoritarian Parenting

Parents who tend to overemphasize the discipline side of the equation are referred to as authoritarian. Authoritarian parents are demanding in the worst sense of the word. They are intimidators, requiring obedience and respect above all else. They become overly angry and forceful when they don’t get that obedience and respect. Their love and acceptance appear totally conditional to the child. They do not teach or listen to their kids or explain the reason for their expectations, which are frequently unrealistic. They often see their children’s individuality and independence as irrelevant or threatening.

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2 thoughts on “What is your parenting style?

  1. I admit to losing my temper with my children but I hope overall I was authoritative rather than authoritarian. They all turned out pretty well, so maybe that’s an indication. As you say, it’s a never-ending balancing act trying to get it right, but if parents are like you and are aware of that then they’re obviously going to get more right than wrong.

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