Your Children – Saving Their Worst Behaviour For You

It is often difficult to see past the constant naughty behaviour of my children when they are at home.

Our Kids

Our Kids

Reality is home life as a battleground of negotiation, threats, compromise and all out battles of wills.  It is a truism that familiarity breeds contempt.  And my young children can often act with breath taking contempt toward us.

So how wonderful to rush into school yesterday with my son’s forgotten lunch box and to hear the ladies in the front office exclaim with pleasure on hearing the name of the recipient.

“Oh, he is such a lovely boy, lovely.  Let me pop his lunch bag round to him now.  So lovely!”

It’s moments like this that make it all so worth while.

And I headed back to the car grinning like an idiot.  (Or a proud Mummy!)


Don’t forget to enjoy your day.


© 2012 Simone L Woods


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