Is From Birth Too Young To Toilet Train?

Toilet Training From Birth

In an awful lot of the world babies start toilet train practically from birth.  In fact, it’s only in the developed, western world that babies wear nappies at all, let alone until they are 2 or 3 years of age.  That is only for us western Mums with our convenient disposable nappies.

It seems horrifying to me the concept of my babies not wearing nappies at all.  How do mother’s in the non-developed world cope without them?  Well, one of the strategies is to toilet train their babies at a young age.

We are in the middle of toilet training my 3 year old at the moment.  This is late I know, I think from 18 months to 2 is a good time, but my baby daughter was born around that time so toilet training was put on the back burner.

So it was very interesting to me to receive this infographic on toilet training from Early Childhood Education Degrees that suggests not using nappies/diapers at all.  (exclamation of horror from me!)  What are your thoughts?

Potty Training

Let me know your toilet training experiences.  What age do you think is suitable?  Would you forgo nappies altogether as this infographic suggests?

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