How To Feed Baby On The Run… Refillable Food Pouches

A great way to feed little ones on the go.

Refillable food pouchMornings are frenetic, to say the least, in our household. With me, seven year old, three year old and 9 month old all to chivvy and cajole out the front door in time for the school run.

As 9 month old usually doesn’t wake until a few minutes before we leave, I usually only have time to pop her on the boob for a quick feed before we leave for the walk to school. There is no time for anything more.  And now that she is well and truly weening, she understandably is hungry again before we have reached school.

What she needs is to be able to feed herself her banana, yogurt and porridge as I wheel her in the pram.  A couple of times I have bought her some Ella’s Kitchen breakfast squeezy pouches as they are perfect.  But I don’t want to fork out for those every day.

So I was very glad to find these Squeeze Please refillable food pouches online.  Not only are they refillable, but they are very easy to clean, you can pop them in the freezer and I have put them in the microwave to defrost.  (Though I’m not sure the company endorses this….?)

They are a great find.  The only point I would make is that as baby will tend to wave the pouch around, don’t make the Triple_Squeeze_Please_refillable pouchescontents too runny.  As the ‘spout’ is free flowing.  Though I have seen  refillable pouches with non-free flowing tops online.

Another great product that makes a busy Mum’s life a little easier!

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