Here’s One From The Dad’s Point Of View…

I love reading it from the Daddy.

better parentingHere’s a great post from Dana H. Glazer.

10 Things I Learned (Or Unlearned) When I Had Kids

1) Sleep? What’s that, again?

My first son never slept in our bed with us, but for the first six months of his life I would wake up nearly every night, yanking all the sheets up, having dreamt that somehow he was stuck and suffocating under the covers. Those traumatic nights are past, only to be replaced by uninvited visitors making their way into the room whenever the urge strikes them. Nudge. “Daddy, get up!” Groan.

2) They come with their bags already packed.

I used to think that “nature versus nurture” was pretty evenly split, and that we really could shape our kids, impact them, make all the difference. But now I know better: It’s 80/20 (against, by the way), and all we can hope to do is keep them from going to the dark side.

3) The cute factor never wears off.

It just doesn’t. Surprisingly. I remember being a single guy and looking at some adorable kids and thinking to myself, “Yeah, that whole ‘cute thing’ is nice – for a few minutes – but it must wear off pretty quickly.” Nope. Never gets old.

4) Velcro sneakers are the solution.

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