My Heartfelt Prayer For My Babies – Every Day

My babiesDear Universe,

Thank you, thank you with all my heart for my beautiful babies.  They bring me such joy; I never knew such overpowering love could exist for me.  I’m so grateful.  Grateful with all my heart, thank you.

With every fibre and every bone in my body thank you for keeping them safe when I have dropped the ball.  Like the time Lucas was lost at the seaside.  Or when we were all up in the house and Lucas fell in the pool.  I thank you for Marc pulling him out.  I thank Marc again.  Thank god for you Marc.

Please don’t let the nightmares stop. They remind me to keep better watch.

And please (wink), can we win a bit of money on the Lotto?  Just enough to do the extension.  Nick would be so happy.

I’m grateful every day.


Don’t forget to enjoy your day.


2 thoughts on “My Heartfelt Prayer For My Babies – Every Day

  1. A good example of leaving children unattended. There’s a case in Qld at the moment of parents letting a 6 year old take a 2 year old to the toilets in a park–they weren’t far away, but it didn’t stop a lowlife abusing them. Parents are distraught and so they should be–the mother should have been with them. Statewide hunt on for him at the moment. Like you say, never leave them alone.

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