Harassed Mum? No, Just Multitasking!!

Harassed-Mum-post-image2Yesterday I had to stop and laugh.

I was in the kitchen preparing and serving lunch for 2 year old while simultaneously feeding babygirl and expressing milk while on the phone/computer organising 6year olds upcoming birthday party.

No wonder I felt slightly(!) frazzled.

So I stopped and took a big, deep breath.

And laughed.

Then continued.

After all. There was the school run to prepare for, clothes to wash dry and put away.  Afternoon snacks to organise ahead of time and dinner to start preparing.

Oh and a couple of feeds for baby girl.

Plus answer a couple of queries for my copywriting business.

Harassed Mum?  No!  (Breathe, just breathe!)

What is your day like?


Don’t forget to enjoy your day.

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