Social Media Trolls – Mom’s Reaction To Cruel Comments Of Her Down-syndrome Baby on Instagram

The world of social media can be a cruel place.  Unnecessarily cruel.  After all, it is so much easier to be hateful when safely sitting behind a computer screen.

One Texan mother found out just how awful the online world can be when she posted a beautiful picture of her little boy on Instagram with the hashtag #downsyndrome.

It wasn’t long before a ‘troll’ had reportedly left the comment ‘ugly’ in response to the picture.down syndrome baby

Take a look at her little son Quinn.  Really, how can anyone be so heartless and so wilfully hurtful?  Such a happy, gorgeous little man.

What really has made the news is his Mom Megan’s response to the alleged troll.

Read about it here on KTVU-TV – Bay Area’s website.  So heartfelt.

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