What Your Child Sees When He Sees Mom (3-Minute AWESOME Video)

I stumbled upon this gorgeous little video today.  Kids were asked to say what they thought of their Mums.  So cute and bought a tear to my eye!

As mothers, we sometimes can focus on the bad, hard, trying, messy, loud, noisy and naughty times.  And this affects how we see and judge ourselves as Mothers.

But look how your child see’s you.  You are doing a good job.  xx

Click here to be taken through to Jewish Mom’s site to see the video……


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2 thoughts on “What Your Child Sees When He Sees Mom (3-Minute AWESOME Video)

  1. Very moving. At 4 years old my son said I was the most beautiful girl in the world, and he was going to marry me when he grew up. At 5 years I was 2nd to his girlfriend. Sigh.

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