Child Safety – Retractable Dog Lead As Child Restraint?

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Child safety


Am I being too, I don’t know, cautious? Yesterday while doing the school run I noticed a Mum who was using one of those retractable dog leads as ‘reins’ for her toddler.

The fact that it was a dog lead for a child made me feel slightly uncomfortable to start with.  But then the toddler kept getting tangled up in the long lead it was allowed and I could just see the dangers of the child getting strangled!

The long lead also meant that she was not close enough to assist when needed.

I think it was just wrong.

Am I being to sensitive?

Should I have said something to the Mother?


Don’t forget to enjoy your day.

3 thoughts on “Child Safety – Retractable Dog Lead As Child Restraint?

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  2. I’ve seen plenty of dogs become entangled in their leads so I imagine it would be no different with children. Not a good idea, in my humble opinion. But as to saying something to the mother — You’re a braver woman than me if you do. You’d very likely be told to mind your own business.

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