4 Ways To Simplify Your Life – Life As A Mum

Here are some things I have been working on lately to help me with my busy life.  I never have enough time so here are 5 things I am doing to rectify the situation!Harassed-Mum-post-image2

Simplify Your Life Number 1 – Create Systems

Work on and work out the best way of doing something; the best system for getting something done.  Whether it be ironing his shirts (because there is no way your ironing anything else in the house!) or cleaning the bathrooms.  Ask yourself – what is the easiest and most effective way of getting this done?  Once you have the answer always use this system.

Simplify Your Life Number 2 – Do It The Night Before

When the kids are finally in bed all I want to do is sit down, drink my cup of tea and catch up on Facebook and Bloglovin.  However, I have learnt that if I just spend 10 minutes making the kids lunch and packing their bags for school the next day before I sit down, it makes a hell of a difference to my mornings.  Try it.  What things can you do the night before so that you can avoid being stressed in the mornings?

Simplify Your Life Number 3 – Create A Schedule

This can be as simple as knowing you have to be up at 6.05am (ouch) and out the door by 8.10am.  Or as complex as scheduling each task in 10 minute slots. Whatever it is understand that you have a finite amount of time and a prescribed number of tasks that have to completed at any time.  To avoid meltdown, do yourself a favour and know when and how long you should be taking for each of these tasks.

Simplify Your Life Number 4 – De Clutter

Get rid of it.  My husband accuses me of being the world’s worst hoarder (i am so NOT babe!)  But life with hubby and 3 kids means that we just accumulate stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.  Take the time to do a regular (or even every now and then!) de-clutter.  All the stuff that you don’t need, won’t use and is just taking up room and making your house look messy, throw in the bin or the recycling or sell on ebay.  You will feel much better.  You can breathe in your house.  And have people over now.

Tell me how you are simplifying your life?

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This video was shared 70,000 times. Be AMAZED!

This Trick For Cutting Grapes In Half Will Blow Any Parents’ Mind

File under mandatory time savers. Plus it also works for tomatoes!

After mom Laura Mullins Goodhue posted this video to Facebook on how to cut tons of grapes in half in seconds, it was so helpful it got shared over 70,000 times. Be amazed, parents (and people making salads).


thank me for sharing this!!!

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Top tip to stop little ones coughing at night

A Top Tip for Today

To stop coughing at night smother Vicks (or other) Vapor rub product on the soles of the feet of your little one.  Put on socks to stop it rubbing off and put them to bed.

That’s it!

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Vapor rub to Stop coughing at night

Stop coughing at night

Team Work – The Key To Successfully Surviving With Kids

Our Kids

Our Kids

Last night I was reminded of how sucessfully surviving with kids depends so much on good team work between parents.

At 11 pm I sat in our darkened nursery, softly singing and rocking our restless 8 month old daughter, trying ever so carefully to lull her finally to sleep.

My husband was similarly occupied in our room with our 2 year old.  Littleboy had woken frightened an hour before.  Hubby had spent sometime calming him and trying to convince him to go back to sleep, to no avail.

At last he had brought him into our bed and now lay cuddling and gently patting him in an effort to settle him.

Finally I heard hubby get up and very slowly, doing his best to avoid the squeeky floorboards, make his way in to me.  I smiled to myself as the nursery door very carefully opened and his head appeared.  He raised his eyebrows and looked down at lttle daughter who had just dropped off to sleep.

I had to smile again at the charades.  Both of us so DID NOT want to wake any of the kids again.  The worst scenario is if all three wakeup and need comforting.  Hard to clone ourselves and unfortunately the kids just make each other worse if they don’t get Mummy or Daddy’s full attention.

So I nodded slowly at husband to show she was asleep and then hubby motioned to the downstairs indicating he would ‘close up’.

Just as carefully I made my way back to our bedroom to put littlegirl back into her cot, which is ‘sidecared’ to our bed.  With a sinking heart I then realised I was holding her the wrong way to easily put her in the cot and I was going to have to edge up our bed past 2 year old to put her in her cot.  This gave me a few tense moments.  And returning hubby watched with baited breath as I did just that.  To accidently wake either of them at this point would have been awful!

With littlegirl settled we both turned to look at our little angel sleeping beautifully in our bed.  We had a conundrum on our hands.  Did we leave him to sleep with me while hubby slept in the spare room (been done often enough before but the spare bed is not the most comfortable)? I could see hubby’s heart sinking at the prospect!  Alternatively, we could put littleboy back into his own bed.  But the chances of him waking when we moved him were pretty good.  And we would have to go through this process all over again as he would almost certainly wake babygirl and probably 6 year old as well with his protests.  Oh god.  What to do?

Again the charades!  Hubby looked questioningly at me.  I grimaced, but nodded and we both held our breath as littleboy was scooped up ever so gently by daddy and just as gently carried to his own bed.  I listened with baited breath but heard no cries.  I closed my eyes with relief!

We both lay down, side by side in our bed holding hands.  Too tired for even a kiss goodnight!

I must have drifted off into sleep then because I was woken at what I thought was a short time later by littleboy calling.  But when I opened my eyes I could see daylight and I thankfully realised it was morning.  All three had slept through the night.  Wow!  Then I did the usual calculation to work out how many uninterrupted hours of sleep hubby and I had just had!

And of course, hubby and I will probably get to do the whole thing again tonight. With no guarantee we will be so successful.  But at least we will be doing it together.  As a team.


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The Best Advice For Giving Birth You Will Ever Receive

Today’s post is not for the faint hearted.  But if you’re about to give birth for the first time then I recommend you read on.

advice for labour and giving birthForget all the panting they encourage you to practice in NCT classes.  And forget all the short lived straining and groaning you see in the movies and on tele.

Pushing.  Yes we are getting to it now.  You are going to have to push.  But what no-one ever tells you is that you are going to have to perform long sustained pushes that last the entirety of your contraction.  Contractions last for about a minute when it is all getting very serious.  So that’s pushing, as hard as you can for over a minute, every couple of minutes (or less when it’s all getting serious) for quite a long time.  (Hours anyone?)

Ok you say, that doesn’t seem too bad.  (Well it seems pretty bad actually, but hey ho!)

Have you ever tried holding your breath for a minute?  I bet you can’t.  It’s. A. Long. Time.

Most people hold their breath when pushing, really pushing as hard as they can through the bottom end…

So to perform a sustained push during labour you need to be able to breathe whilst sustaining your push.

That’s what you have to practice.  On the loo.  When you’re doing a number two.

Believe me.  The whole labour thing will go a little easier.


And you won’t be screaming I CAN’T!  I CAN’T Because I have to F*****G BREATHE YOU B****.

Yes, much apologising after labour.

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How To Stop Baby Crying And Fussing When Dressing Them

It was always tears in our household whenever we changed or dressed our babies. My second and third especially did not like being dressed one little bit. They would fuss and cry and get quite upset, which is as distressing for you as it is for them.

Recently, when Babygirl was a few months old I mentioned to my husband that she seemed to dislike the clothing going over her head and then having the garment moving about her neck as I put her arms into the sleeves.

He suggested that I put her arms into the garment first, and then finish putting the top on by putting it over her head as normal.

Do you know what? This worked. She did not cry at all. In fact she has never cried when I have done it this way.

But often I found myself getting into a muddle with the clothing when using this method and it would take me extra time to get her dressed. So whenever possible I now put her clothes on feet first. I.e. over her feet and up her body. This works really well most of the time except when the garment has a neck opening without any buttons or not much give, then it can be akward to get her arms in. Cue crying. So in that case I simply use the arms in first method. Just making sure I take my time and don’t get into that muddle!

Have a go and let me know if it works for you.

Babygirl and Mamasim

Babygirl and Mamasim

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3 Great Ideas For Baby #2

Here are some more top tips, some great ideas for baby!

1.  Gogol Kidz Travelmate available from Go-Go Babyz.

Great ideas for baby

What a super idea, especially for plane travel and around the airport or the shopping mall. Love it!

2.  Wubbanub Infant Pacifiers from Wubbanub.

Great ideas for baby

Another super idea.

3. Boba Long from Bobalong Baby.

Great ideas for baby

Not seen this before. Really cool.

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How To Feed Baby On The Run… Refillable Food Pouches

A great way to feed little ones on the go.

Refillable food pouchMornings are frenetic, to say the least, in our household. With me, seven year old, three year old and 9 month old all to chivvy and cajole out the front door in time for the school run.

As 9 month old usually doesn’t wake until a few minutes before we leave, I usually only have time to pop her on the boob for a quick feed before we leave for the walk to school. There is no time for anything more.  And now that she is well and truly weening, she understandably is hungry again before we have reached school.

What she needs is to be able to feed herself her banana, yogurt and porridge as I wheel her in the pram.  A couple of times I have bought her some Ella’s Kitchen breakfast squeezy pouches as they are perfect.  But I don’t want to fork out for those every day.

So I was very glad to find these Squeeze Please refillable food pouches online.  Not only are they refillable, but they are very easy to clean, you can pop them in the freezer and I have put them in the microwave to defrost.  (Though I’m not sure the company endorses this….?)

They are a great find.  The only point I would make is that as baby will tend to wave the pouch around, don’t make the Triple_Squeeze_Please_refillable pouchescontents too runny.  As the ‘spout’ is free flowing.  Though I have seen  refillable pouches with non-free flowing tops online.

Another great product that makes a busy Mum’s life a little easier!

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Handy Tip For Cradle Cap

The cooled lotion.

How I Treat Babygirl’s Cradle Cap

Babygirl suffers from quite bad cradle cap. As I like to use natural products where possible the one natural treatment that really helps is to massage some olive oil into her scalp each morning after her bath.  It softens the crust which I then use a fine tooth comb to very gently comb out.  If used consistently it then keeps the crust formation at bay.  It does not bother her at all and has the added bonus of making her hair soft and lovely.

I have used pure olive oil as a moisturiser but now I use my homemade olive oil/coconut oil lotion.  See the recipe here.


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