It’s A Little Girl’s World… Being A Dad In A House Full Of Girls…

Pink, pink and more pink…

It is so lovely to be able to have a house with PINK things in it. Things that sparkle and glitter and are shiny and pretty. As N&S Wedding-285regular readers will know, after 7YearOld and LittleBoy we now have BabyGirl. It is a whole new wonderful pink world for me.

I know an awful lot about Thomas The Tank Engine and Fireman Sam and Playmobil and Lego Starwars. And I know way too much about Mike the Knight and Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures.

Now I look forward to being able to name all the Disney princess and their love interests. Someone else with this very skill (but perhaps not the same enjoyment?) is Dad Kip Tribble. Here is his very amusing post on how to be a Man in a world full of little girls…

What You Learn Raising Daughters

By: Kipp Tribble

I think it’s time I step out from the protective shieId of MadeMan and admit my deep dark secret. I have three daughters. Three young daughters that will one day all be enrolled in the same high school at the same time. And while I am not too deep a believer in karma, I am starting to fear what I will reap from all these stories I pen about ways to hook up with chicks and how to lie your way through life. Clearly, I am screwed to the tenth power and should have thought this through a little more.
And as my ladies grow up, I’m sure I’ll learn many more things from them along the way — like knock before ever entering a door in my own house, or how to purchase tampons while still keeping a shred of my dignity (clue: drive to another city and wear a disguise) — but for now, I feel like it’s time to share what I have learned from raising my daughters so far. Here’s hoping karma will cut me a little slack.

Everything About Disney Princesses

Anyone out there know the definition of osmosis? I do. A subtle or gradual absorption or mingling. And if you need a definition for that definition, it also means a person can learn and pick up new things by absorption or being around someone un-Forrest Gump-esque. This is what has happened to me. I know way to much about Mulan and her quest to save her dad. I know all the words to “A Whole New World” and I hate myself for it. I can name the love interest in Sleeping Beauty. It’s Prince Phillip. Yeah, as someone who claims to be a man, I admit that’s just wrong. And I could go on-and-on about my wealth of Disney Princess knowledge I’ve gained from osmosis. I actually don’t think I’ve ever watched one of these movies in its entirety. All this knowledge has seeped into me over the years from continuous play in the DVD player while I am forced to keep track of the football scores on the computer. A computer that has a Beauty and the Beast screen saver. Well, used to. Now it’s Ariel. She’s from The Little Mermaid, by the way and fell in love with Eric…[sigh].

Boys Have Weird Front Butts

We all know kid’s can say the darnest things, but girls seem to be more inquisitive than boys. I say this because I also grew up with brothers much younger than myself and well, they’re idiots, so that doesn’t make me an authority on the subject, I guess. But I have been put in many an awkward position — as if trying to be a good parent isn’t awkward enough — when one of my girls somehow sees an infant boy getting his diaper changed and proceeds to yell out questions about his odd “front butt.” Luckily, this has only happened in public places like the mall or Outback Steakhouse. For my part, I have held it together, covered their mouths and explained that it wasn’t what the thought they saw, but an optical illusion. Then I distracted them by by pulling the fire alarm. And now that I think about it, boys do have weird front butts.

How to Fix Pony Tails and Hair Bows

You know how a scene from an action movie will have Bruce Willis or Sly Stallone rigging something out of gun strap or his shirt with all those fancy knots and look all badass while doing it? Yeah. Nothing like how I look…. To read the rest of the post please click through to Kipp’s here.

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Mother’s Love


Conversations With My 7 Year Old…

7 year old: “Mum when I go back to school after the holidays I want you to let me wake up in the morning and get up myself. I don’t want you to tell me I have to get up.”

Me: “OK love. But you will have to go to school however you are when it’s time to go.”

7 year old: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Well if you don’t get up in time to get dressed then you will have to go how you get up. In your pj’s”.

7 year old: “You can get me up Mum.”

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The Best Advice For Giving Birth You Will Ever Receive

Today’s post is not for the faint hearted.  But if you’re about to give birth for the first time then I recommend you read on.

advice for labour and giving birthForget all the panting they encourage you to practice in NCT classes.  And forget all the short lived straining and groaning you see in the movies and on tele.

Pushing.  Yes we are getting to it now.  You are going to have to push.  But what no-one ever tells you is that you are going to have to perform long sustained pushes that last the entirety of your contraction.  Contractions last for about a minute when it is all getting very serious.  So that’s pushing, as hard as you can for over a minute, every couple of minutes (or less when it’s all getting serious) for quite a long time.  (Hours anyone?)

Ok you say, that doesn’t seem too bad.  (Well it seems pretty bad actually, but hey ho!)

Have you ever tried holding your breath for a minute?  I bet you can’t.  It’s. A. Long. Time.

Most people hold their breath when pushing, really pushing as hard as they can through the bottom end…

So to perform a sustained push during labour you need to be able to breathe whilst sustaining your push.

That’s what you have to practice.  On the loo.  When you’re doing a number two.

Believe me.  The whole labour thing will go a little easier.


And you won’t be screaming I CAN’T!  I CAN’T Because I have to F*****G BREATHE YOU B****.

Yes, much apologising after labour.

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Here’s One From The Dad’s Point Of View…

I love reading it from the Daddy.

better parentingHere’s a great post from Dana H. Glazer.

10 Things I Learned (Or Unlearned) When I Had Kids

1) Sleep? What’s that, again?

My first son never slept in our bed with us, but for the first six months of his life I would wake up nearly every night, yanking all the sheets up, having dreamt that somehow he was stuck and suffocating under the covers. Those traumatic nights are past, only to be replaced by uninvited visitors making their way into the room whenever the urge strikes them. Nudge. “Daddy, get up!” Groan.

2) They come with their bags already packed.

I used to think that “nature versus nurture” was pretty evenly split, and that we really could shape our kids, impact them, make all the difference. But now I know better: It’s 80/20 (against, by the way), and all we can hope to do is keep them from going to the dark side.

3) The cute factor never wears off.

It just doesn’t. Surprisingly. I remember being a single guy and looking at some adorable kids and thinking to myself, “Yeah, that whole ‘cute thing’ is nice – for a few minutes – but it must wear off pretty quickly.” Nope. Never gets old.

4) Velcro sneakers are the solution.

To read the rest click through to Dana’s site here…

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The Terrible Threes

Read With Me Scout by LeapfrogThis is a great post from Scary Mommy – The top ten ‘Terrible Three’s!

Read, enjoy and laugh!

  1. At two, they can barely talk. At three, they never shut the hell up.
  2. At two, they cry. At three, they throw temper tantrums so epic, you become convinced that they are possessed by the devil.
  3. At two, they’re happy to eat anything you present to them. At three, they eat only three foods (usually consisting of a starch and processed cheese.)

To read the rest please click through to Scary Mommies site here…

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