Social Media Trolls – Mom’s Reaction To Cruel Comments Of Her Down-syndrome Baby on Instagram

The world of social media can be a cruel place.  Unnecessarily cruel.  After all, it is so much easier to be hateful when safely sitting behind a computer screen.

One Texan mother found out just how awful the online world can be when she posted a beautiful picture of her little boy on Instagram with the hashtag #downsyndrome.

It wasn’t long before a ‘troll’ had reportedly left the comment ‘ugly’ in response to the picture.down syndrome baby

Take a look at her little son Quinn.  Really, how can anyone be so heartless and so wilfully hurtful?  Such a happy, gorgeous little man.

What really has made the news is his Mom Megan’s response to the alleged troll.

Read about it here on KTVU-TV – Bay Area’s website.  So heartfelt.

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Breast Cancer Awareness – No Make Up Selfie

I think this picture is more useful than a ‘no make up selfie’….

Breast Cancer Awareness no make up selfie

But for those that would say I’m a chicken…….

Breast Cancer Awareness no make up selfie

And if this is all a little mystifying then read this newspaper article…

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The 3 Most Damaging Words You Can Tell Your Son

There’s a lot of focus on how society has treated minorities and women, but what about the flip side? What expectations do we have for the males in our society and how has that shaped their development? Within 30 seconds, find out the 3 most destructive words you can say to them.

I personally do not think we need to stop telling our son’s to ‘Be A Man’. I will teach my son’s to be a man in the best sense of the word. Let’s teach our children, both male and female, to be the best people they can be. The best human.

What are your thoughts?

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The Last One

I love this post by Lindsay Ferrier.  It articulates beautifully the exact feelings I am experiencing

Babygirl and Mamasim

Babygirl and Mamasim

with my third, and last, baby.  Babygirl is only 10 months old but I find myself willing time to slow down, to stop. Instead of greeting each of her developmental stages with excitement I greet each with a little sadness as I know I will never experience this journey again.

It is true, these years when your children are small are the most extraordinary.

The Last One

By Lindsay Ferrier.
On the day that your last child is born, you’ll find yourself filled with a jumble of emotions.

You’ll feel relief to have finally given birth, pride and joy in the healthy baby in your arms– and sorrow at the realization that you’ll never again experience the primeval miracle of growing a baby inside your body.

From that day onward, this strange brew of feelings will remain inside you– because every single one of …

Read the rest of the post at Suburban Turmoil.

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Jumping Thoughtlessly On The ‘ism’ Bandwagon…

I know we live in a world where youth and beauty are touted as the  requirements for any female on telly.

bruce and tessAnd this produces many inches of print on the unfairness of it all.

The co-hosts of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, one of the biggest shows on British TV, are always held up as the perfect example of this sexism. Tess Daley is 44 (blonde and gorgeous) and Sir Brucey is 85 and, well, grey and wrinkly.

But before all us girls nod vigorously at the absolute unfairness of it all, think about one of the other very popular British TV shows – The Great British Bake-Off.  Mary Berry is 78 (blonde and gorgeous) and Paul Hollywood is 47 and grey and wrinkly – no, no grey and gorgeous!

And ponder a bit.  The ages we are talking about here for hosts of huge prime time shows 85, 78, 47, 44.  Cool.

It is so lovely to live in a country where the press and popular culture (reflecting British society in general) don’t feel it necessary to use skin colour to define a person.  I look forward to the day when age is equally irrelevant.  I think we are getting there….. slowly……..but surely.




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