How To Feed Baby On The Run… Refillable Food Pouches

A great way to feed little ones on the go.

Refillable food pouchMornings are frenetic, to say the least, in our household. With me, seven year old, three year old and 9 month old all to chivvy and cajole out the front door in time for the school run.

As 9 month old usually doesn’t wake until a few minutes before we leave, I usually only have time to pop her on the boob for a quick feed before we leave for the walk to school. There is no time for anything more.  And now that she is well and truly weening, she understandably is hungry again before we have reached school.

What she needs is to be able to feed herself her banana, yogurt and porridge as I wheel her in the pram.  A couple of times I have bought her some Ella’s Kitchen breakfast squeezy pouches as they are perfect.  But I don’t want to fork out for those every day.

So I was very glad to find these Squeeze Please refillable food pouches online.  Not only are they refillable, but they are very easy to clean, you can pop them in the freezer and I have put them in the microwave to defrost.  (Though I’m not sure the company endorses this….?)

They are a great find.  The only point I would make is that as baby will tend to wave the pouch around, don’t make the Triple_Squeeze_Please_refillable pouchescontents too runny.  As the ‘spout’ is free flowing.  Though I have seen  refillable pouches with non-free flowing tops online.

Another great product that makes a busy Mum’s life a little easier!

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Lotion and Cream for Baby – Homemade Olive and Coconut Oil

The Ingredients.

The Ingredients. No, there is no Passata in it. Im using an empty sterilised bottle to keep the lotion in.

A lotion / cream for baby that is natural and reasonably priced is challenging to buy.  Recently, when my second baby was born I was given a tub of  Neal’s Yard Remedies Baby Balm.  It is wonderful stuff and I love it.  Containing Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Beeswax it leaves babies skin so soft.  But at £10.50 for 50 grams it got a bit pricey as I used it every day as an all over moisturiser after little one’s bath.

I particularly loved the product as I know Olive Oil has long been used as a moisturiser and I know that it contains antioxidants, rich emollients and vitamins.  Particularly, I know that it is recommended for children with eczema as a natural alternative to other prescribed creams.  With all these benefits for the skin I was keen to continue its use.

Not long after, as I was shopping in the baby aisle of my local Waitrose, I noticed that they had tubs of Solid Coconut Baby Massage Oil priced at £2.89 for 125ml.  I wondered if I could make a my own baby balm.  Hot footing it round to the Olive Oil Section I bought a 500ml bottle of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for £3.39.  The beeswax and Shea Butter I figured could be done without. 😉

Once home I made up a batch and was pleased with the results.  It readily soaks into the skin and does not mark clothing.  It has a very faint, pleasant fruity aroma; it’s almost as if the olive oil and coconut oils almost cancel each other out.

Below is my recipe.  I hope you make some up too.  And if your feeling adventurous, add the Beeswax and Shea Butter and let me know how you get on.

For step by step photos, scroll to the end of the ingredients/method.


125 g (4.4 oz)    Solid Coconut Oil
500 ml    (18 oz)  Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  1. Obtain a clean and sterilised (I put mine through the dishwasher) jar or bottle for the finished lotion.
  2. Pour the Olive Oil into the prepared jar/bottle.
  3. Heat the coconut oil in the microwave on high for 40 seconds to melt it.  As the coconut oil I buy comes in a plastic container I simply remove the lid and pop it in the microwave as is.
  4. Pour in the heated Coconut Oil.
  5. Put lid on jar/bottle and gently shake to mix ingredients well.
  6. Leave to cool.

It’s that simple!

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3 Great Ideas For Babies

Here are 3 Great Ideas For Babies to make life a little easier on you and baby…

The easiest thermometer!
Find it here.

A hammock for baby when flying.
Find it here.


A pacifier/dummy that closes when dropped.
Find it here.


Just a few ideas to make life a tiny bit more convenient. What top products can you recommend.

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Could Dads Actually Be Just as Hard-Wired to Parent as Moms Are?

The ‘could’ in the title of this post deserves a monument itself!  My belief is of course Dads are just as hardwired for parenting.  I only have to look at my own husband’s behaviour, emotions and sensitivity since becoming a father.

Dads parentingThe following post from Heather Turgoen explores some of the scientific studies that are proving that of course they are.

How men change when they have a new baby

I’m not someone who usually cries in movies, but since having my son, I’m a big baby. A touching family moment, a shot of a proud parent in the audience of So You Think You Can Dance – forget it. I’m more empathetic now that I’m a mom, and every parenting book tells me it’s because my brain is programmed to light up at my son’s distress, oxytocin, triggering my maternal caretaking behaviors, and so on. Thanks to nature’s plan to keep me dialed into my child’s needs, I’m wired differently now.

But my husband has changed too. On the one hand, he’s a bit more sensitive, tearing up like me at things that before would have prompted only a sarcastic comment. And in a strange parallel, he’s also more protective. He puts his hand on other people’s shoulders to make sure they get across the street safely. He daydreams about hypothetical escape routes from Los Angeles in case of a nuclear attack or zombie invasion (he watches a lot of sci-fi). He sneaks into our son’s room every night by the light of his cell phone and hovers his face in the crib watching him sleep. He’s a dad, and it has changed his brain.

The biology of fatherhood doesn’t get much play – dad manuals and parenting advice usually focus on how a man can support his partner and take care of her, so she can in turn take care of the baby. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that being a dad (and even preparing to be a dad) programs men differently, down to the level of brain cells and hormones.

It’s easier to test male brains in non-humans, so when scientists are studying the chemistry of fatherhood, they use animals that mirror our human tendency to form pair bonds and co-parent. The male marmoset monkey, for example, is predisposed to nurture, and his top priority is to clean, hold and carry the young on his back – picture a human dad washing the dishes while wearing a Bjorn.

When scientists look at the brains of these primates, they find that after mom gives birth, the dads actually grow more neuron connections in certain areas of the brain’s prefrontal cortex – regions involved in caretaking and bonding. After becoming fathers, they have more receptors for the chemical vasopressin, which is related to nurturing and attachment.

These dads also gain a significant amount of weight while mom is pregnant (the phenomenon translates to humans, say my dad friends). Not only that, male hormones change while mom is pregnant. Prolactin levels go up in the male marmoset and cotton-top monkeys during pregnancy. And after childbirth, human dads have a drop in cortisol and testosterone (which scientists think makes them less likely to fight and more likely to devote energy to caretaking).

And as Dad is changing, want to guess who else is being affected? Last month, a Scientific American article highlighted research that suggests babies change when dad is around. In a similarly domestic mammal with highly involved dads – the Deju rat – a baby’s brain needs the father around to grow normally. Without him, fewer connections are made between neurons in two crucial brain regions: the somatosensory cortex (which responds to touch) and the orbitofrontal cortex (a center of emotion and decision-making). It’s intriguing to think about the unique role of a dad, but we can’t be quick to translate this to humans and suggest that babies need dads to be healthy. Rats have smaller and more concrete brains that are programmed to attach immediately, whereas human babies are much more flexible and sophisticated – forming bonds with their caretakers (male or female) over the first years of life.

The research, however, is strong enough for us to assume that, in humans as in rats, dads and babies change each other. We tend to see characteristically maternal behaviors as the gold standard for attachment, but dads can have just as strong a drive to attach (for example, a recent study found that oxytocin levels rise equally in new moms and dads), even if the result looks different on the outside – moms’ soft cuddles and high-pitched “motherese” voices vs. dads’ physical play and a tendency to show objects to the baby.

But these are all attachment behaviors, and they all reveal a deeper biological drive to bond, teach, and care for our kids. My husband says that as a father he sees the world through a new lens – it’s part of his identity and he almost can’t remember what life was like before. Becoming a parent changes both mom and dad at the core.

This post By HEATHER TURGEON first appeared here.

What are your thoughts?


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Handy Tip For Cradle Cap

The cooled lotion.

How I Treat Babygirl’s Cradle Cap

Babygirl suffers from quite bad cradle cap. As I like to use natural products where possible the one natural treatment that really helps is to massage some olive oil into her scalp each morning after her bath.  It softens the crust which I then use a fine tooth comb to very gently comb out.  If used consistently it then keeps the crust formation at bay.  It does not bother her at all and has the added bonus of making her hair soft and lovely.

I have used pure olive oil as a moisturiser but now I use my homemade olive oil/coconut oil lotion.  See the recipe here.


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Is Baby Oil And Vaseline Bad For Babies Skin?

I avoid using Petroleum based products on my children because I believed they were bad for babies skin.  In fact I make my own baby lotion (see the recipe post here) that is really lovely.  I use it on babygirl and the boys and myself!Vaseline

(In the last few months I have been working on making my own moisturiser, serum and cleansing lotion and will post those if your interested?)

So I was very interested to see this post by Paula’s Choice, the US ‘Cosmetics Cop’ that disabuses the view that mineral and petroleum based products are bad for our skin.

Myth Busting: Mineral Oil

The notion that mineral oil and petrolatum (Vaseline) are bad for skin has been around for some time, with Aveda being the most visible company to mount a crusade deriding these ingredients. According to many companies that produce “natural” cosmetics, mineral oil and petrolatum are terrible ingredients because they come from crude oil (petroleum) and are used in industry as metal-cutting fluid (among other uses) and, therefore, can harm the skin by forming an oil film and suffocating it.

This foolish, recurring misinformation about mineral oil and petrolatum is maddening. After all, crude oil is as natural as any other earth-derived substance. Moreover, lots of ingredients are derived from awful-sounding sources but are nevertheless benign and totally safe. Salt is a perfect example. Common table salt is sodium chloride, composed of sodium and chloride, but salt doesn’t have the caustic properties of chloride (a form of chlorine) or the unstable explosiveness of sodium. In fact, it is a completely different compound with the harmful properties of neither of its components.

Baby OilCosmetics-grade mineral oil and petrolatum are considered the safest, most nonirritating moisturizing ingredients ever found (Sources: Cosmetics & Toiletries, January 2001, page 79; Cosmetic Dermatology, September 2000, pages 44-46). Yes, they can keep air off the skin to some extent, but that’s what a good antioxidant is supposed to do; they don’t suffocate skin! Moreover, petrolatum and mineral oil are known for being efficacious in wound healing, and are also considered to be among the most effective moisturizing ingredients available (Source: Cosmetics & Toiletries, February 1998, pages 33-40). – See more here.


Let me know your thoughts….


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How To Create The Best Gift For Your Child

childhood diaryWhen my first born arrived I had the requisite baby book to hand and dutifully filled in the date of first smile, the date of first tooth and so on and was very excited to do so.  As he got a little older though, I would relate the funny stories of his doings each night to my husband.  I remember thinking that I should write these down in a book as I will never remember them when he gets older.

So that’s what I did.  Now that I have three children I also have three such diaries.  When they reach a suitable milestone age I will present them with a lovely diary full of stories of their growing years…

My other motivation is a little morbid perhaps.  What if something happens to me and I’m not around to tell them everyday I love them?  So my diaries could fulfil this heartfelt duty as well.  They will read in my own words and in my own handwriting how much I love them, how much they mean to me and all those moments I really treasured.

Another wonderful idea is to ask my children’s teachers to write a little something for them in the diary each year.  I’m going to start doing this.  Even though my eldest in now almost 7, he is still young enough for the comments to start with  ‘oh he is such a sweet, lovely boy!’

Do you keep a record for your kids to have when they are grown?


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Top Tip To Help Baby Settle Back Into The Cot After A Feed…

Help baby settleGetting baby to settle again in their cot after a feed can often be tricky.

The palava you go through!  The process of waiting till you think they are asleep enough not to wake after finishing the feed.  Making sure you have the dummy to hand (if you use one).  Carefully positioning your hands to lift them.  Lifting them.  Putting them into the cot.  Keeping your face close to theirs and not removing your comforting hands until you are sure they are settled.  All the time thinking, please don’t wake, please don’t wake.  Especially at night when you are desperate beyond words to get back to sleep…

One thing I have found that really can help baby settle is to have a hot water bottle in the cot to warm the spot baby will be placed.  Of course you don’t keep the water bottle in the  cot once baby is in there as baby would overheat.  But this goes a long way to helping your little one snuggle down and not be shocked awake by being placed on cold sheets.

Lovely husband fills the hot water bottle from the bathroom tap and places it in the cot to warm the sheets as I feed.  Bless him.


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The Handiest Baby Bath Time Tip!

Isn’t this a great idea?  A Mummy friend suggested it when we were discussing baby bath time.

It has to be the most practical and easy baby bath time tip to keep your babies toys within arms reach!

Remember – Never leave your baby unattended in the bath; even for the shortest time.

Baby Bath Time Tip

Here’s BabyGirl taking a dip!


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Top 10 Baby Gifts For This Christmas

Stuck for some beautiful baby gifts?  Here are some great ideas………….



1.  Pink organic knitted bunny hat £10 – so cute!  From Angel Cashmere – also available in blue.





Baby Sleeping bag from Bambino Merino


2.  Baby Sleeping Bag from Bambino Merino £59.95 – also available in pink and other colours.





Wallaboo Animal Comforters3.  Animal Comforters from €14.99 – love them!




Nattou Lion Neck Pillow



4.  Lion Neck Pillow £9.95 – from Nattou.




Spook Travel Rattles



5.  Travel Rattles £34.50 – from Spook.  How cool!





Personalised Santa Sack6.  Personalised Santa Sack £20 – from The Organic Baby Company.  A lovely baby gift.






Locally Produced Bib



7.  Locally Produced Bib £6 – from Little Green Radicals.




Reindeer Playsuit



8.  Reindeer Playsuit £32 – from Picalilly.  Serious festive fun…




Skip Hop Treetop Friends Owl and Friends Trio Ball



9. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Owl and Friends Trio Ball £15.95 – from Bebeeco.




Birdie Gift Set



10.  Birdie Gift Set £35 – from Frugi.  A lovely gift.





Hope this list gave you some wonderful baby gift ideas.


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