Mum Paints Amazing Pictures On Her Kids Lunch Napkins – Every Day!

Wow, check out these amazing drawings by Nina Levy.  Here she explains what she does…

I’ve been drawing on napkins daily for my two sons’ lunch boxes since 2006. The napkins are drawn mostly with “art markers” and a few paint markers. Over nine hundred of the school lunchbox napkins are posted on my blog “Daily Napkins”.

I haven’t missed a school or summer camp day yet, so I have had plenty of opportunity for practice to participate in the TUACA napkin art competition. My fixation with lions (the TUACA bottle features two lions) was fortunate to win the grand prize.

See all her amazing napkin artwork on her blog here.

napkin-drawings-daily-napkins-nina-levy-6 napkin-drawings-daily-napkins-nina-levy-8 napkin-drawings-daily-napkins-nina-levy-13



10 Things Mothers Need To Teach Their Daughters

Babygirl and Mamasim

Babygirl and Mamasim

Here is a lovely post from Heather of It’s a lovely life.  Make sure you click on the link to go through to the post on her site to read the rest…..

Childhood goes by so quickly

When my first daughter was born I remember the long, sleepless nights and practically everyone telling me to enjoy it because she will be grown before I know it. Now that she is 14, I totally get it. It really does go by way too quickly. Now that I have three daughters I understand how limited our time together is and before long they will be off conquering the world! Here are 10 things mothers need to teach their daughters. Although I say mothers, I really mean parents. These lessons empower our daughters to be bold, strong and the best that they can be!

1. Value yourself  – you are priceless. Know that you are important. No one else can replace you. When you value yourself, you will recognize when someone does not value you or show you respect. If someone doesn’t know your value, don’t give them your time.

Read the rest of the post here….

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4 Ways To Simplify Your Life – Life As A Mum

Here are some things I have been working on lately to help me with my busy life.  I never have enough time so here are 5 things I am doing to rectify the situation!Harassed-Mum-post-image2

Simplify Your Life Number 1 – Create Systems

Work on and work out the best way of doing something; the best system for getting something done.  Whether it be ironing his shirts (because there is no way your ironing anything else in the house!) or cleaning the bathrooms.  Ask yourself – what is the easiest and most effective way of getting this done?  Once you have the answer always use this system.

Simplify Your Life Number 2 – Do It The Night Before

When the kids are finally in bed all I want to do is sit down, drink my cup of tea and catch up on Facebook and Bloglovin.  However, I have learnt that if I just spend 10 minutes making the kids lunch and packing their bags for school the next day before I sit down, it makes a hell of a difference to my mornings.  Try it.  What things can you do the night before so that you can avoid being stressed in the mornings?

Simplify Your Life Number 3 – Create A Schedule

This can be as simple as knowing you have to be up at 6.05am (ouch) and out the door by 8.10am.  Or as complex as scheduling each task in 10 minute slots. Whatever it is understand that you have a finite amount of time and a prescribed number of tasks that have to completed at any time.  To avoid meltdown, do yourself a favour and know when and how long you should be taking for each of these tasks.

Simplify Your Life Number 4 – De Clutter

Get rid of it.  My husband accuses me of being the world’s worst hoarder (i am so NOT babe!)  But life with hubby and 3 kids means that we just accumulate stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff.  Take the time to do a regular (or even every now and then!) de-clutter.  All the stuff that you don’t need, won’t use and is just taking up room and making your house look messy, throw in the bin or the recycling or sell on ebay.  You will feel much better.  You can breathe in your house.  And have people over now.

Tell me how you are simplifying your life?

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Vichy Dermablend – Foundations For Minor and Severe Skin Conditions…

Check out my post here on the fantastic Vichy Dermablend foundation range.  Amazing coverage and natural looking.  I really rate it.

Vichy Dermablend


Hope you enjoyed!

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Minecraft. A Parental Minefield??? Let My Nephew Give You The Lowdown…

Parenting Wisdom From The Master…

Minecraft. A Parental Minefield??? Let My Nephew Give You The Lowdown…

minecraft logo

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 20.22.47Hi, I’m Mamasim’s nephew and I love Minecraft.  You might find it a bit confusing so here is what it is all about.

So Minecraft is a 3D, cube based, open world survival/sandbox originally made in Sweden by Markess Persson, or Notch as he is most commanly know to us Minecrafters.

In Minecraft your first priority is to survive, in order to do this you must build a shelter and arm yourself before night because there are dangerous creatures in the night. There’s a skeleton; armed with a bow a snipes you, a zombie; armed with hands or a sword they are easy by themselves but in a hoard watch out; a creeper; these mobs don’t make any noise until they are right behind you and the they hiss and blow up, an enderman; these mobs are three blocks high and can teleport and steal your blocks; a spider; gaint spiders that can climb walls and lunge at you.

This are a few of the many mobs in Minecraft. If you do get bored of vanilla Minecraft there are ways to make it more interesting.

1) you can use a resource pack or shaders these change how the game looks 2) you can mod or modify it these install many new features onto your game. 

Here’s some question Aunty Mamasim asked me…..

What is your very favourite thing about mine craft?  
My favourite part about Minecraft is that you are not limited in anything and all the mods, textures and shaders you can add/edit.
Can you play it against other real people?
You can play against other people, Minecraft is both single-player and muti-player.
How big can you build your shelter?
You can build your shelter as big as you want!
Can you build more shelters like a whole town or city?
You can build a whole world of buildings!
Can you be the king of Mineland?  Is it called mineland?
You can be the king of ‘Minecraftia’ if you wanted or a peasant or a god or anything really.
How long does it take to get good at it?
The only thing that can stop you in Minecraft is no imagination!

Hope you enjoyed!

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