The Most Amazing Kids Toy EVER!!!!

Springfree TrampolineLook at this baby!  Isn’t it the most incredible looking trampoline?

We have been lucky enough to have a Springfree Trampoline* in our back garden for the past 4 weeks.  The house has been so quiet I have forgotten (almost) I have two boys as they have been out on it whenever they are not eating or sleeping.  They simply adore it.

Your kids will absolutely love it.

The trampoline comes with some great accessories such as a step to get on and off but far more fun as far as the kids are concerned is the ball and hoop that attaches to the top of the net.  AWESOME!



What’s so great about it?

It’s FUN!

The kids have been out playing on it every spare second and it is so great to see them enjoying themselves so much while getting a lot of exercise.  Three year old loves to kick his football round and round the trampoline going faster and faster.  I love the fact the ball doesn’t go over the neighbours fence.

I’m not sure if Springfee would approve but the trampoline makes an excellent creche for Babygirl while I did some gardening!  I just made sure that she was shaded and she happily bounced and played while I weeded.

The kids and I have spent a lot of time lying on our backs looking at the clouds and watching the birds and planes flying over.

Daddy and the boys watched the stars, curled up in sleeping bags on Springfee (as the trampoline is now called!)

I did my first full 90 degree swivel for 20 years on Springfree!

Springfree trampoline

The Technical Stuff…

The trampoline uses a unique system of flexible composite rods that lie beneath the jumping surface, at right angles to the jumping surface not horizontal with it. This means that there are no exposed springs to injure those bouncing on the trampoline.  This is the big selling point of the trampoline, it’s raison d’être.  Keith Alexander, creator of the trampoline explains that the rods take the place of springs and you can think of them as something similar to a fishing rod in that they are made of fibreglass and are bendy.  (But a lot stronger!).

  1. It is an extremely well made trampoline with:
    • Polypropylene mat tested to a 5000 hours UV resistance.
    • Stitching is covered by a yellow webbing (see the yellow lines on the trampoline!) that protects it from both UV damage and abrasion damage from people jumping up and down on it.  Stitching is one of the first materials to wear on a traditional trampoline.
    • The anti-climb net is of an extremely tough weave that is UV protected and very flexible.
    • The frame is made from the same protruded fibreglass rods that support the mat of the trampoline.  They are very strong yet flexible which means no injuries from hitting hard metal supports.
  2. It has a tough, 2 section zipper opening that is simple and easy to use.  You can open it one handed.  My three year old has no trouble trying to unzip or zip up the opening at all.
  3. It comes in different sizes and shapes to suit different space restrictions and budgets.
  4. Great accessories available.
  5. 10 year guarantee.
  6. Comes with easy to understand installation instructions as well as online instructional videos.

The Competition

Our old traditional trampoline is only 4 years old and look at the state of the poor thing, it’s basically a football storage area now.  I can tell you that the Springfee will not look like this in 4 years!

This traditional trampoline came with a very badly written install booklet.

Also, if the kids ran into the side with enough force they would hit the metal poles.

traditional trampoline

That was the pro’s.  Any cons?

The only recommendation I would give is to be aware of the edge of the jumping pad where it meets the net.  This is where the top of the rods meet the jumping pad.  It forms a fairly ridged ring around the base of the net.  This is no problem for older kids using the trampoline, but younger kids may bump themselves on it.  My little 3 year old bumped his head a couple of times.  No damage (to him or the trampoline!) but it is something to be aware of.  It certainly didn’t dampen his enthusiasm for Springfree.  Maybe Springfree Trampolines could secure the net to the inner of the yellow webbing rings which would go a long way to alleviating this…

Any suggestions I have?  Yes.  Springfee Trampolines can you make a SPF rated cover to go over the top of the trampoline?  Stops the bird droppings and leaves getting in and good for storage over winter.  And excellent for shade during Springfree creche duties!

Even better if the cover had some height to it so you could use it during play to stop the ball going over the net!

That’s it!

Having experienced the Springfree Trampoline it is now the only trampoline we would have.  It is certainly worth the investment.  Can’t recommend enough.

The trampolines start at $1119.00 USD or £935.00.

Springfree USA

Springfree UK

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