A little parenting advice can sometimes be very welcome…

Having a baby is a life changing event.

When I was pregnant for the first time, I focused entirely on the being pregnant and giving birth parts.  What happened after that I really wasn’t thinking about.  Sure, I had done the shopping, had all the baby clothes, the cute moses basket and matching blankets. But the fundamental fact that the baby would be born and then grow and grow, and continue to grow and actually wouldn’t be a baby for very long, seemed like a foreign concept as I blissfully awaited my delivery day.

Thank goodness my sister gave me some good advice.  A few weeks before the birth a letter arrived full of news but also containing a very important list.  A considered and thoughtful list detailing the things that she absolutely recommended I not be with out for those months after baby arrives home.  These recommendations she and her husband had discovered during their parenthood journeys with their three little ones.  I blessed them every day for months after our baby son arrived, as I luckily took their advice, and saved myself and my husband from a little of the worry and uncertainty all first time parents go through with their newborn.

So, when my friend announced she was pregnant for the first time – with twins, I thought that if anyone could do with a bit of tried and true advice she certainly could.  So I sat down and wrote an email to her with my list of things I would’nt be without as a first time, or next time around parent. I sent it off with the caveat – please regard or disregard as you wish.  But she received it with her usual grace and I believe her when she says that she found it useful!

So hear I am – passing it on.  That good advice will follow.  Hope you too find it useful.

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