What is your parenting style?

Do you know your parenting style?

Want to be a better parent? Knowing what your current parenting style is will help you identify your needed areas for improvement. Promoting the self-discipline and self-esteem of the children in your family often requires an emotional juggling act by you as a parent. It is not easy to be firm and demanding with achild one minute, then warm and affectionate the next. This is an ongoing education process both for the parent and for the child. In addition, many adults naturally have personalities or temperaments that predispose them toward one parenting style or another.

Authoritarian Parenting

Parents who tend to overemphasize the discipline side of the equation are referred to as authoritarian. Authoritarian parents are demanding in the worst sense of the word. They are intimidators, requiring obedience and respect above all else. They become overly angry and forceful when they don’t get that obedience and respect. Their love and acceptance appear totally conditional to the child. They do not teach or listen to their kids or explain the reason for their expectations, which are frequently unrealistic. They often see their children’s individuality and independence as irrelevant or threatening.

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Co-Sleeping. Do You Admit You Do It?

And the last cake post this year….?

How to make a fire truck cakeOne more cake post….. Awww, come on!  I’ve only posted two others so far this year….!

I just had to share the wonderful Firetruck Cake that 7YearOld made for his school fete competition.

Judging is tomorrow – he has all his fingers crossed he wins!

Please leave a comment and let him know what you think.  He will be chuffed to get some feedback from you.

And yes he did it all himself.  He had some guidance from me but he followed this fantastic tutorial from Ann Reardon of How To Cook That.  Her site is terrific.  Check it out if you need a WOW cake that even a 7 year old can follow.

My post on our tragedy of Ann’s Lightning McQueen cake is here.  And BabyGirl’s Birdy Cake post is here.

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Dad Illustrates the Weirdest Stuff He’s Ever Said to His Kids – Dad’s Parenting

You MUST check out this page.  It’s soooooo funny.

The things we go through raising our children.

Here is a taster – but click here to see the rest – they are great.  Made my morning!


the weirdest things I have said to my kids

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Co-Sleeping. Do You Admit You Do It?

Here is a post I really wanted to share.

Co-sleeping is often frowned upon, something I have never understood. I am cognoscent of the dangers of course.  Yet I have cosleepingoften co-slept with all my three children at some point or other.  Usually so that we could all get some sleep.  I don’t feel any discomfort in saying so either.

Trying to get our babies, toddlers, children to sleep at night can be such an awful trial and I think it’s why so many parents end up putting their child(ren) in bed with them.  But why do so many feel that it is not acceptable to admit this?

I remember discussing with work colleagues the nightmare time my husband and I were having with our 2 year old who woke every night at least 4 or 5 times.  My husband and I were at the end of our tethers.  My colleague seemed mystified and I asked how he had managed to cope.  He said that in his culture the children slept with the parents until they are 4.  At this age they then often wanted to have there own bed.  They experienced no sleeping or co-sleeping problems.

Our 12 month old still sleeps in her cot which is side-cared to our bed.  This is by far the best solution.  It means she is close enough to reach out and reassure.  She can see and hear me.  I can easily scoop her up when it is time to feed and just as easily place her back when feeding is finished. No need for a basinet or moses basket or feeding chair for that matter.  Just a feeding pillow.

But I have no hesitation in leaving her beside me is she will not settle.  I love cuddling with her and feeling her soft breath on my cheek as she sleeps.  I love to look at her and admire every precious and gorgeous curve of her face as she lies next to me.  It’s one of the greatest experiences of being a parent.

Here is Amber from Strocel.com viewpoint.

Why I Co-Sleep

On Wednesday, my son Jacob and I appeared on the local CBC evening news, in a story about co-sleeping. Because I am a co-sleeping parent. When I was initially contacted about the story I spoke with a producer who mentioned that she herself had co-slept. All the same, I assumed that some other source would also be interviewed for the story, presenting an anti-co-sleeping message.

I agreed to participate, because I thought it was important to speak out on behalf of co-sleeping parents. I believe many more parents choose to co-sleep than are reflected in statistics on the subject, and I believe that the vast majority of us are not doing it flippantly. I wanted to give voice to that. However, I feel that I was portrayed as being almost dangerously irresponsible. My friend Lorien took up the call with the CBC on behalf of all co-sleeping parents, and you can see her thoughts on how co-sleeping was portrayed.

The truth of the matter is that, in spite of dire warnings from the BC Coroners Service, I’m not entirely sure that I buy the argument that co-sleeping is unsafe. For one thing, as John Hoffman and Annie of PhD in Parenting outline, when a baby dies in an adult bed there is no distinction made between a safe co-sleeping environment and an unsafe co-sleeping environment. Just as a crib filled with stuffed toys and pillows can be unsafe, an adult bed filled with the same things can be unsafe. The difference, though, is that if an infant suffocates under a pillow in a crib the pillow is blamed, and if an infant suffocates under a pillow in an adult bed co-sleeping is blamed.

To read the rest of the post please click through to Ambers site here (it will take you directly to the post).

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Mother’s Love

Time According To My 7 Year Old….

The time continuum.  I have been wrestling with just this concept this morning.Praise your child constructively

And I am afraid that I have not been winning….

You see, when I ask my 7YearOld to set the timer on for 30 minutes he immediately sets it to 31 minutes.

“But Mummy, when you put it on for 30 minutes, it immediately goes to 29!”  “It’s not fair!  I’m missing out on my time!”

Well, I’ve used diagrams, dried peas and a Thomas the Tank Engine clock to try and demonstrate the concept of seconds and minutes.

No.  Nothing works. 7YearOld is still convinced that Mummy is trying to cheat him  out on some of his time.

Anybody have any ideas?

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Mother’s Love

Parents’ 10 most useful baby products (according to Which?)

Baby products you need

Parents’ 10 most useful baby products

This is an article from Which? who surveyed thousands of parents on what were the most useful products for baby.

There are so many baby products designed to make life easier for new parents, it can be hard to know which will help and which will be a waste of money. To help you find the baby products most likely to make your life easier, we asked 2,005 parents to tell us which products they bought and whether they found them useful or useless.
Besides the essential baby products, such as pushchairs, child car seats and cots/cotbeds/cribs/Moses baskets, we’ve rounded up the 10 most useful baby products as rated by our parents.

If you’re in the process of buying a pushchair or child car seat, make sure you take a look at our pushchair reviews and child car seat reviews to find the safest and most comfortable for your child. If you’re not yet a Which? member, you can sign up for £1 and unlock hundreds of reviews across the site.

Most useful baby products

1  Stair gate

Stair gates were rated as the most useful baby product, with more than 70% of the parents we asked saying they owned one. If Stairgateyou’ve got stairs in your home, or a kitchen that you want to keep young children out of, a stair gate can be a safety essential.

Stair gates can range significantly in price from around £15 to £100. But a higher price doesn’t always mean you’ll get the best. See our stair gate reviews to find out which we rate as Best Buys, and check out our guide to buying the best stair gate.

2  Baby changing bag

the best baby changing bagYou could use any old bag to carry around your baby products when you’re out and about. But the advantage of a specifically designed baby changing bag is that it usually has different compartments to help you find what you need quickly, and many come with a foldaway changing mat. The parents we surveyed certainly appreciated theirs.

You can spend as much as you like on a baby changing bag. Prices start from under £20, but you could spend over £250 on a designer one.

3  Audio baby monitor

Audio baby monitors allow you to hear your little one when you’re not in the same room as them. There’s a wide range of baby monitors available, from basic sound-only monitors to video baby monitors (also in our top 10 list). Audio ones can cost anything from under £20 to over £60.

We’ve tested both audio and video baby monitors on sound quality, range, battery life and ease of use. Find the best one for you with our baby monitor reviews.

4  Electric steam steriliser kitbest baby bottle steriliser

Using an electric steam steriliser kit can be a quick and easy way to sterilise your baby’s bottles, whether you’re using formula or expressing milk. Typically costing around £30 to £100, they are quick and fairly easy to use.

To find out more about baby feeding products, from bottles to bottle warmers, take a look at our guide.

5  Microwave steam steriliser kit

As well as electric steam steriliser kits, microwave versions are also popular. Microwave steam steriliser kits are more compact and tend to be cheaper than electric ones. They typically cost around £20 to £50.

6  Video baby monitor

Best baby audio monitorVideo baby monitors are more sophisticated than simple audio monitors – not only can you see your baby, but some also have night vision and can be hooked up to your PC, TV and/or smartphone as well.

We’ve got plenty of advice on choosing a baby monitor in our guide how to buy the best baby monitor, plus you can find out which models we rate as Best Buy baby monitors.

7  Baby sleeping bag

Baby Sleeping Bag with Travel Bag

Baby sleeping bags are ‘wearable blankets’ designed to be worn by your baby at night, instead of using traditional sheets and blankets. They typically cost between £10 and £20 and will last until your baby is around 18 months old.

Take a look at our guide to find out about baby bedding and other safe sleeping tips.

8  Digital ear thermometerThe best baby thermometer

The ear is considered to be the most reliable place to get a consistent reading of internal body temperature. A digital ear thermometer can give you a quick temperature reading for your child, and help you identify signs of fever.
They typically cost between £10 and £40. Read our reviews and advice on buying the best ear thermometers.

9  Baby bouncer chair

A baby bouncer chair allows younger babies to experience a seated rocking motion, and some models are even suitable from birth. They typically cost between £20 and £70 and were much more popular with parents than door baby bouncers (which can be found in our top 10 least useful baby products list).

For buying advice and safety tips on play equipment for babies and toddlers, read our guide.

10  Travel cot

Travel cots can be folded up, placed in a bag and taken with you if you are travelling with your baby. They can cost anything from £20 to over £100 and can also be used as a playpen.

If you’re thinking of buying one read our guide on how to buy a travel cot.

Our research
We surveyed 2,005 GB parents aged 18+ with children aged under five. The survey was conducted online in February and March 2014. We asked parents to rate each of the baby products they’d bought on a scale on 1 to 10 for usefulness. These are the 10 baby products that were ranked as the most useful overall.

What do you think of this top 10 list? Are there other baby products you couldn’t live without? Let us know on Twitter, @WhichHome

If you would like to have your say on anything from baby products to bank accounts and help us with our research, join the Which? Connect panel. It’s open to all Which? subscribers.

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