18 unequivocal signs you’re the parent of a toddler

Very funny post from Mumsnet…


18 unequivocal signs you’re the parent of a toddler

Dizzily thrilled if you get a post-7am lie-in? Prone to asking your colleagues if they’ve been to the loo before you head out to a meeting? If any of the following seem wearily familiar to you, then you must be the parent of a toddler

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1. You automatically get excited and start pointing out the nee-naw whenever you hear a siren. Even to your workmates.

2. Waking up at 7.30 seems like a lie-in.

3. You are disappointed and apologetic when the level crossing is open and no trains are coming.

Click through here to Mumsnet to read the rest.  Very funny!

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