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A Great Snack Idea For Weaning Baby

Today’s afternoon snack for Babygirl.  Boy she looooooves cheese!



afternoon tea snack ideas for baby

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Team Work – The Key To Successfully Surviving With Kids

Our Kids

Our Kids

Last night I was reminded of how sucessfully surviving with kids depends so much on good team work between parents.

At 11 pm I sat in our darkened nursery, softly singing and rocking our restless 8 month old daughter, trying ever so carefully to lull her finally to sleep.

My husband was similarly occupied in our room with our 2 year old.  Littleboy had woken frightened an hour before.  Hubby had spent sometime calming him and trying to convince him to go back to sleep, to no avail.

At last he had brought him into our bed and now lay cuddling and gently patting him in an effort to settle him.

Finally I heard hubby get up and very slowly, doing his best to avoid the squeeky floorboards, make his way in to me.  I smiled to myself as the nursery door very carefully opened and his head appeared.  He raised his eyebrows and looked down at lttle daughter who had just dropped off to sleep.

I had to smile again at the charades.  Both of us so DID NOT want to wake any of the kids again.  The worst scenario is if all three wakeup and need comforting.  Hard to clone ourselves and unfortunately the kids just make each other worse if they don’t get Mummy or Daddy’s full attention.

So I nodded slowly at husband to show she was asleep and then hubby motioned to the downstairs indicating he would ‘close up’.

Just as carefully I made my way back to our bedroom to put littlegirl back into her cot, which is ‘sidecared’ to our bed.  With a sinking heart I then realised I was holding her the wrong way to easily put her in the cot and I was going to have to edge up our bed past 2 year old to put her in her cot.  This gave me a few tense moments.  And returning hubby watched with baited breath as I did just that.  To accidently wake either of them at this point would have been awful!

With littlegirl settled we both turned to look at our little angel sleeping beautifully in our bed.  We had a conundrum on our hands.  Did we leave him to sleep with me while hubby slept in the spare room (been done often enough before but the spare bed is not the most comfortable)? I could see hubby’s heart sinking at the prospect!  Alternatively, we could put littleboy back into his own bed.  But the chances of him waking when we moved him were pretty good.  And we would have to go through this process all over again as he would almost certainly wake babygirl and probably 6 year old as well with his protests.  Oh god.  What to do?

Again the charades!  Hubby looked questioningly at me.  I grimaced, but nodded and we both held our breath as littleboy was scooped up ever so gently by daddy and just as gently carried to his own bed.  I listened with baited breath but heard no cries.  I closed my eyes with relief!

We both lay down, side by side in our bed holding hands.  Too tired for even a kiss goodnight!

I must have drifted off into sleep then because I was woken at what I thought was a short time later by littleboy calling.  But when I opened my eyes I could see daylight and I thankfully realised it was morning.  All three had slept through the night.  Wow!  Then I did the usual calculation to work out how many uninterrupted hours of sleep hubby and I had just had!

And of course, hubby and I will probably get to do the whole thing again tonight. With no guarantee we will be so successful.  But at least we will be doing it together.  As a team.


Don’t forget to enjoy your day.

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Happy Easter!

easter egg

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Don’t forget to enjoy your holiday!

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Enjoying Your Easter Holiday?

easter eggWhat are you and your family up to these Easter Holidays?

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Enjoy Your Easter Holidays All

easter egg

Love from Mamasimx About Me

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Cursing a Thief and Mourning my Norton Storm Pushchair

Norton Storm. In Black Magic.

Norton Storm. In Black Magic.

This week I was going to be a Norton Storm Pushchair Review as the pram is a little known brand and there isn’t much information or many reviews about it on the internet.  We had it for 12 or so months, bought by my parents as a gift, just before my youngest was born.

Planning to take lots of photographs I decided that this week I had better give it a good cleaning to ready it – the last thing anybody wants to look at in a photo is mashed banana!  Not a very good selling point if the reader was considering purchasing a similar pram.

However, before I could organise myself,  it was stolen – from right under the noses of my son’s nursery staff.  They were in no way at fault.  The pram had been parked in the designated buggy park area in front of the nursery behind a fence.  The nursery is on a road that gets a lot of foot traffic, and I guess some awful person spied it as they walked past and thought – ‘that’s a nice pram, I’ll be having that’ and furtively scurrying in behind the fence like a rat (I imagine), stole it.

Does a thief think or care of the hurt they inflict when they steal that which does not belong to them?  Would they hesitate if they knew that the pram had been a gift from my parents and how upset and angry we all are that such a thing has happened?

Unfortunately I think not.  All the thief is worried about is making a quick quid and the danger of getting caught.  Uncaring about insurance claims (that is if it can be claimed), or the hundreds of pounds that the pram cost – which will have to be forked out again to purchase a replacement – I am sure they would sneer or insult if confronted.  I do wonder if they are dumb enough to actually use the pram about our small town.  My 5 year old is on constant pram surveillance – having been overawed at the trip to the police station to report its theft.

Angry as I was, and upset as I am, all I can do now is say a few words in parting to my lovely pram that I will miss and would recommend.

Norton Storm Pushchair Review

It was a Norton Storm Pushchair in Black Magic.  A fantastic looking pram with a light aluminium frame, it had an extending handle (great as I am over 6ft) and a seat that was able to be parent (rear) facing or forward facing.  Any pram I have now must be rear facing.  The pram we had bought for my eldest had not been, and an incident when a stranger informed me that my baby son was silently choking scared me half to death and I swore I would only have rear facing prams from then on.  Such a good idea as at all times baby can see you and you them.

The pram comes with a complete travel system:

  1. Baby cot for newborns.  (Separate Purchase.)
  2. Baby Car Seat. (Separate Purchase.)
  3. Pushchair seat for when baby is older.
  4. Warm cosy toes.
  5. Summer cosy.
  6. Rain Protective Cover.
  7. A smart looking baby bag that cleverly clips onto the front of the pram.

Pushchair  with 3 – 7 retails for approx £300 – £350.
Complete system (1-7) retails for approx £500 – £550.

The reason I went with this pram instead of the iCandy Cherry, which is the other pram I was contemplating purchasing, is the guarantee, which is two years as opposed to the one year on the iCandy.  Also, the Norton had sprung front wheels, which the iCandy doesn’t (the springs on the iCandy are for show only).  It was also a little more competitively priced – which is always a consideration for most parents.

I had been lucky enough to compare the prams side by side at the Earls Court Baby Show which is always a good place to go if you want to see all the leading pram and pushchair manufacturers together under one roof.  And you can usually pick up some good deals as well.

But back to the pram!  There were only two suggestions that I would pass on to the manufacturers.

  1. Firstly I found the front wheels to have a mind of their own and had to have them permanently locked in the fixed position.  This meant the manoeuvrability of the pushchair was compromised some what.  I had to put a neck cushion in the pram to protect my babies head from moving too suddenly as I would ‘hoik’ the pram off its front wheels to be able to change direction.  Not ideal but I have found this with most lighter prams/strollers as they don’t have the weight to aid ‘front wheel drive’.
  2. Secondly, and this is a minor point, but still annoying.  The cosy toe zipped up along its bottom.  Making it very difficult to zip it up completely as the side of the pram gets in the way.  I would change this to zip up around the top if I were the manufacturers.  Much easier for Mum.

Also I would consider the following when purchasing:

  1. It is one of the new generation prams built for lightness, so if you’re going to do a lot of off-roading I wouldn’t purchase this pram.
  2. And similarly, if you do a lot of travel by public transport then I would consider another pushchair as the Norton folds down in two pieces.  The seat has to be detached.  Not the ideal situation for travelling on the bus or train, but fine if it’s just going in the back of the car.

Would I recommend this pram?  Yes I would.  It was smart looking, comfortable and light.  Would I recommend getting a bicycle lock to secure it?  Yes I most definitely would.  I miss my Norton.  Every time I see the rain cover, or the cosy toes, or use the pram bag around the house I think of it and curse the thief.

I believe in karma.

So watch out thief.

Please excuse the stock photos – as explained above – too late now to take my own photos!

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Conversations With My 7 Year Old…

7 year old: “Mum when I go back to school after the holidays I want you to let me wake up in the morning and get up myself. I don’t want you to tell me I have to get up.”

Me: “OK love. But you will have to go to school however you are when it’s time to go.”

7 year old: “What do you mean?”

Me: “Well if you don’t get up in time to get dressed then you will have to go how you get up. In your pj’s”.

7 year old: “You can get me up Mum.”

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Sometimes You Just Need To Dance In The Puddles – How To Be A Better Parent

This is a sweet little post from MEGAN CYRULEWSKI and her Megan’s Blog. Motherhood How to be a better parent

Sometimes, in our busy and stressful lives, we all need reminding about what is important; how to be a better parent….

Sometimes You Just Need To Dance In The Puddles

I’ve been stressed lately, I’m not going to lie. I feel like I have a million things on my plate and my plate is spilling over. I have anxiety disorder and sometimes my anxiety goes up a notch when I’m overwhelmed. This is how my life has always been. Nothing has ever happened a little at a time. I’m riding even for a long time and then everything starts again all at once.

I’ve been feeling sort of like a robot lately. I have deadlines and I know what needs to be done so it gets done. Each day I have a list in my planner (my old-school paper planner) and by the end of the day, everything is checked off. I should feel a sense of accomplishment, but all I see when I look at my planner is what I have to do the next day.

Yesterday when I came home from working on ….

To continue reading the post please click here to be taken to the post in Megan’s Blog.

Hope you enjoyed her sweet post.

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I Cannot Resist…

A jar of Nutella and a spoon.

(Wonderful pregnancy cravings).

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The Best Advice For Giving Birth You Will Ever Receive

Today’s post is not for the faint hearted.  But if you’re about to give birth for the first time then I recommend you read on.

advice for labour and giving birthForget all the panting they encourage you to practice in NCT classes.  And forget all the short lived straining and groaning you see in the movies and on tele.

Pushing.  Yes we are getting to it now.  You are going to have to push.  But what no-one ever tells you is that you are going to have to perform long sustained pushes that last the entirety of your contraction.  Contractions last for about a minute when it is all getting very serious.  So that’s pushing, as hard as you can for over a minute, every couple of minutes (or less when it’s all getting serious) for quite a long time.  (Hours anyone?)

Ok you say, that doesn’t seem too bad.  (Well it seems pretty bad actually, but hey ho!)

Have you ever tried holding your breath for a minute?  I bet you can’t.  It’s. A. Long. Time.

Most people hold their breath when pushing, really pushing as hard as they can through the bottom end…

So to perform a sustained push during labour you need to be able to breathe whilst sustaining your push.

That’s what you have to practice.  On the loo.  When you’re doing a number two.

Believe me.  The whole labour thing will go a little easier.


And you won’t be screaming I CAN’T!  I CAN’T Because I have to F*****G BREATHE YOU B****.

Yes, much apologising after labour.

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Don’t forget to enjoy your day.

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